Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Canterbury Part 1

Unpublished 2

Most expensive jewellery set I have ever purchased = 1/4 resale price,this jewellery paid for a new camera.

A trip to the Piccadily UK M&M store is nothing like the New York one! They dont even do flavours. Look at my £7.59 bag. Do check your locally 99p store for promotional coloured M&MA

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Not low enough

What a difference a week makes. I was so optimistic, finally I have a job that pays me enough to have a life! I can finally go places have plans and not just dream about them, all destroyed with a bit of paper from the hosiptal.
If only I could of predicated the the future I would of known I would need every penny I can get and I couldn't afford to give up a low paying permanent job for a better paying new job, tears a ready. Time to start selling again, time to keep trying again.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


While I wait for the icing to set on my weightwatchers cupcakes, I thought I would share photos that have been sitting on my camera for months.

Monday, 3 October 2011


Look its almost the same! The one on the right is soon to come my way.
Another charm that looks similair to Dita is this airplane. Wish me happy charm hunting.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

A Gift of Swirl

New job means spending resumes. My first Swirl Dress from Exquisitebones on Etsy

This amazing Swirl is currently on Etsy

images credited to listed sellers.

Charm Offence

In attempt to control my vintage habit, make do with the limitations of living in one room, I have gone back to jewellery.
My first charm braclet was gold plated and came with plastic charms, my second charm bracelet was silver with no charms and my third bracelet is vintage with charms. While I love the idea of starting my very own vintage charm bracelet, I dont think I have the patience to wait for my desired charms.

Below is Dita Von Teese Bracelet, somehow I dont think my own charm bracelet would be quite as exciting as this one.

My third charm bracelet and boy can you hear me coming from Etsy.

Etsy has lots of examples of virgin charm bracelets so you can start your own.

All images are credited to the listed name

Paris Bound

I went to Paris for a Podiatry conference in April, and I could feel it, the unrest, the uncertainty, I felt the same in Germany, a loss of...