Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cannes Big Fashion Hitter's

Do we really care about the films? I can't remember a single film nominated but Im sure in the past that wasn't true. Here are my favouirte Dresses. No side of views of Ms Kruger it's just too scary
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Thursday, 17 May 2012


I have been looking at new places to shop for vintage clothing and recently stumbled on the blog in november Liz to went Harrogate and in April so did I. I took the coach to Leeds and then got a train to Harrogate. I only had 2.5 hours as train tickets being so expensive with 4 weeks notice. It was terrible heavy rain all day but I finally got lucite.
Montpelier Mews
My lucite bangles from Elegant Era inside Montpelier Mews. Elegant Era has some excellent hats, when I visited there were lot's of Blackamoor stratton compacts and size 6,7 shoes! There were also some clothes, a beauitful black sequin 40s dress but alas in a size 18, unfortunely alot of the dresses were size 12 or 10s and more shocking alot the girls that come in are much slimmer so the owner was looking to get more petite items in.
Joan Collins Print from Space. The shop had some amazing 90s designer pieces and frothy prom dresses as well as glasswear and furniture. I was in love with a 70s aqua blue jumper dress but it clearly looks its from the 70s and that takes a special girl.
Betty Tea Room
This cake from Betty's was divine
My Aunt gift from Elegant Era, deadstock lucite Ps if you are interested in having your own deadstock lucite compact you can find the same batch this one came from here

The Bad of Renting

In the UK it is the dream to be a home owner, you rent on your way up to owning property and you rent because that's all you can do. I have rented four different times, the best times has been with people who are a similair age and background to you the worst is with those with mental illness, unemployed, dodgy lanlords and then theirs a live in landlord. Living with a landlord who does not work is another story it takes a strong individual or those that are missing some kind of guardian figure to like that. To be fair he did inply that he did work and I know for sure if he had said this I would of walked away because thats too much b***s**t to have to put up with. As he doesn't work this is most definately his house, things get repaired when they are broken. I do find it very strange that you wouldn't want to CLEAN when inviting people round. I had a day off I cleaned the kitchen which is my job, yes the area is my job, he gave me a rubbish excuse that i cook the most but I also clean up straight away so not sure hows thats even valid he uses the kitchen the most as he's in the most and I dont count heating up in microwave as cooking. He was like thank you like I was doing him a favor as he was having guests and I was like no this is my day off for this week, so it's the only free time I have. Opening windows this is important when the bathroom and kitchen have no extractor fans, smells linger so much especially if the wondws mysterious are closed 1 minutes after you opened them and yes its the worst scenario ever don't do it. To top it all the walls are paper thin so you can't even trash talk him. Low wage sucks.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Christian Louboutin exhibit

How did you spend your Sunday? I hot footed down to the Christian Louboutin exhibit at the Design Museum on Shad Thames. Me and my friend took the long route, you would of thought having an iPhone would mean you couldn't get lost, but my friend doesn't know how to access it and I don't have a smartphone so didn't know either. Finally we made it! Through the black curtain we went to feast our eyes on deliciousness. One tip I would suggest when visiting the exhibit is to make a be-line to the popular spots during Dita 3D dance, everybody stops in their tracks. The 3d video is every 15 minutes so you can always catch it later. Im not going to spoil it but their is plenty to look at, and plus my friend is taking her time to upload the iPhone pictures. And you can get the gest of the exhibit from this link at Dezeen blog I wore this and my brown dr martin wedge shoes, their were two types of ladies who visited those who were heels and those who prefered comfort, I mixed them both.
The other exhibit which you can see with the admission price is the Design Award, my favourite things was the Mia 3 seater electric bus, the land mine device which looked like lots of plungers attached in a ball and the light installation that looks like a light bulb and rotates very fast making a buzzing sound (may have to wait to see it). It was my first visit to the design museum and would visit again for the right exhibit.

Paris Bound

I went to Paris for a Podiatry conference in April, and I could feel it, the unrest, the uncertainty, I felt the same in Germany, a loss of...