Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Hats, Anyone

I would be very Happy not to celebrate Christmas but look at what Topsyturvy Design did, Hats for Christmas, beat that felt Santa hat.
Prices range from $99-$139 so Santa would have to have alot of love to get you one of these.

Just dropped in

My last parcel came and no customs to pay, I can just fit into it, but it doesn't give me any joy, why? I think I have fallen out of love with 40s dress and now want the fun of the 50's.
That and the fact the wanker I posted about in November, decided to get all friendly like it never happened, he genuinely had no clue, that was he did was mean and that made me very,very angry that he denied any wrong doing. His contact ruined what had been a good week, but it made me realise that when I leave my home town, once the house sold their isn't a single person I will miss as friendship ain't what it used to be, I have meet strangers that have treated me better, then the dogs I have met since returning from University.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Recommended Seller- Dollchops

I cant believe I have not posted about the amazing Dollchops Clothing range, available through eBay, they are one of the best handmade clothing makers still using eBay, so you better grab a piece.
I own three pieces, the red Dita skirt a bitch to iron if you dint have a good steam iron, Corpse Bride jacket which has puffed shoulders and is fastened at the neck with a bow clip (pictured wearing both in a previous post)and the Memphis Belle (black skirt) which I didn't try on for ages, and is very small in fit, possibly I was sent the wrong size. It now fits but is definitely has good stretching properties!
The red skirt was a little big at the back so I had to take it in at the bow as a result I don't get that cut out look which is pictured, other then that its a quality made skirt which doesn't ride up. I find that alot the skirts I buy in the shops, ride up no matter the size, possibly its the cheap fabrics they are using and the lack of lining?

What I am lusting up next is the letherette version of the Corpse Bride jacket so look for yourself.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Day Dreaming Again

I'm tired of reading about precious children (Tavi) and their accomplishments it isn't anything new, if the Internet had been popular when we were growing up we could all be stars too. I do feel that people born in my year in the UK where the test generation we got all the problems and none of the rewards! All the rules changed and the trouble was our parents were unprepared and didnt tell us.
It's werid a diffrerence a year makes if I had been born a year later their would be hundreds of things I would have been able to do, but denied becuase the govenement wasnt offering it to me. The irony is all these free things is slowly killing the economy and creating a lazy generation. Kids get free travel, and get on the bus for two stops, and most of them could do with the exercise.
Rant over, why couldn't I have been born 10 years later my life would be so much sweeter and easier as would be my mother's less struggling more handouts? Now rant is over.
This is what happens when you turn 25 years old, your just barely in the category where your opinion matters and you are considered "young", from next year I will not matter.

Whats daytime Fetish?

I'm going to the alternative fetish market on Sunday, which ruined my plan to go to the Affordable Vintage Fair on today, but if you are going to make new friends it helps to keep seeing then.
My first thought was to wear my TOPrunway dress as it comfortable and smart at the same time, but the venue also has a club which starts after 6pm, so I need an outfit that can take me from day to night. I also have a red pencil skirt with huge bow at the back, paired with a either a rock and roll cardigan or skeleton cropped jacket.

In the end I went with the dollychops ensemble, which has been dying for another wear, had my picture taken but was so cold, I kept my coat on so none saw how cute my outfit really was.

Friday, 11 December 2009

New Year Anyone?

Miss Fleur De Guerre is holding a New Years Party at the Fox in Shoreditch I presume its in London. I don't now about you, but my New Years Eve usually consists of freezing my ass of in London, watching the fireworks, but if you are looking for something different try this New Years Party.

Blerb from the website
Take a trip back in time to the Golden Era, in Las Vegas. OK, Shoreditch. It was a time when the dames were dangerously well-dressed and the men knew how to handle them... the Rat Pack were setting hearts and playing cards a-flutter and James Bond was the newest literary hero. We're turning the Fox into a casino this time, with free blackjack and roulette tables to gamble your way into the new decade.

Each guest will receive a free cocktail and canapes on arrival. Our incredibly band The Rat Pastilles will be performing big band swing hits all night, and our three ravishing burlesque broads Miss Kiki Kaboom, Sophia St Villier and Tallulah Tempest will be adding a bit of good, old-fashioned striptease to the evening's festivities.

So, dust off your best furs and your fedoras, polish your diamonds and your lucky dice, slip into something distinctly decadent... and help us roll in 2010 in style!

Want to win tickets post a comment at Diary of a Vintage Girl

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

In the Post

Two vintage dresses came today

The black crepe number which fits like a dream, the beige number was too small, well I could wear it with the buttons undone, that what you get when you grieve shop, I could sell it on eBay for £35 and get back what I paid, but eBay UK is very weird, things that should sell for a lot often don't, and basic vintage items sell for alot. Now just waiting on my other Christmas number, I suspect their will be a custom fee to pay, after all I did not pay anything for the last three items and its probably why, Im still waiting for it to arrive.

My favourite dress is the blue dress, it matches my walls, but I have a dilemma, its very full skirt, so if I shorten it I ruin the line, but its not wearable if I don't.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas Wishlist

What I asked for this Christmas.

As a child I was always conscious of money, and as its a recession I even provided the websites were my family can get the items for less, so if any deviates I will be upset.

Dita Von Teese Striptease (now that I have seen it, I'm actual disappointed the pictures are way to small for it to be of any interest, she would of been better of producing a diary with some pictures, and some titbit's.)
Bram Stoker Dracula (normal edition)
Hammer Glamour
Barbie: All dolled up ( I developed an interest in barbie when i hit 16, I was depraved, it was probably due to the cost, you cant just have the doll you have to have the accessories as well)
White malteasers

Wished I had asked for Vintage Dita and itunes voucher.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Ultimate Night Out

I had an awesome night on Friday, and while going to a club by myself filled me with dread, I had been their before and noticed they seem to have a friendly and close knit clientale. I also advertised on the club forum that I would be going along, and for people to say Hi, also being an usherette helped.
One of the people I meet online organised a stragglers meet up, and we had fun talking and dancing I was well looked after by 3 gentleman, who would of thought going to a club would be more fun without the friends? Over course now my friend wants to come because I had such a good time, but I would prefer to go without them.

Missed Post
Isn't anything sacred anymore? Postman delivery on a Sunday, I missed my parcel as I was listening to music, going to have to walk to the parcel depot, only 35 minutes away.
I also have official stopped shopping for Beswick Circus for this year.

I bought two of these.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I really want a good night out and I don't mean the club in my local town, while I have some money I don't have lots so I want to keep my costs down. One way to do this is to become an usherette at a club night, which is what I will be doing this Friday, this is a role now that has less perks, now that the recession has hit, you are paid in free entrance and maybe a few free drinks if you are lucky, rather then in money.
So what did I do? Present my planned outfit to get the gig.

Outfit and hat before makeover

My outfit
Primark Vivienne Westwood style tulip dress AUT 08, I was going to sew the skirt in so it has a pencil shape, and is more timeless, but I'm glad I didn't,
Corset I purchased three years ago, to help me get into my tiny waist vintage dresses. Skirt from Erotica, is my main clubbing staple, shoes bought at a reduced price Aut 08, broach is borrowed from a fake fur stole, belt with watch, taken from a Halloween costume.

My hat
A antique top hat which I have draped hat netting round it to hide the damaged (already had). Black ribbed ribbon (bought) diamante buckle and ostrich feather (salvage).

I found a leather glove while walking todays so I plan to modify it to a fingerless glove and, maybe trim with some cream ruffle trim I have in my sewing bag.
Still to sew up my coin purse, but I did use my scraps of gold leather and cut out gear shapes to glue onto it.

Paris Bound

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