Friday, 25 February 2011

New You- Day 1

Three weeks ago I picked up in the library The Dukan Diet, I have already heard about the book when it was first launched " the new Atkins" they screamed. I have done the Atkins and it worked for me helped me to lose the access weight and more before I stabilised at weight half between a weight lose of 2 stone. First I want to lose some of the fat, then if my job interview is successful also hit the gym for toning. I am starting the diet just as I have a vacation as the water requirements make it hard to do it while at work and a week before my night out so no drinking but diet drinks.

I am looking to lose 2 stone, acquired another stone during another stressful year. Already I changed my habits reduced the number of sweets by 3/4 (achieved no weight lose), increased my food budget ( disposable income now lower).According to my health form is £7.90 a week, so it will take 3 weeks to make the cost of a single dental treatment according to the NHS. Eat a lot of yogurt daily,for the sweet cravings. Already my workwear is looser, in time for a replacement.

First stage is Attack Phase last 1-7 days

Foods you may eat are
Fish and Seafood (tinned Tuna
Meat no skin (lean cuts, except Duck and Goose)
Yogurt (fat free, natural, fromage frais) limited on fruit yogurt
1 Oat bran gelatin (oat bran,egg, quark or natural yogurt)
Loads of water
Tea and coffee with skimmed milk
Small amount of condiments (gherkin/onion slices)

I'm guessing the cost of the first stage if I had to buy full price food items would be £15-20. So far I have spent £15 but that has been for more then a week food includes some spices and food bags.
I'm must admit it took me a while to figure out what was natural flavoured yogurt as everything is labeled low fat, bio pot and probiotic. I guessing low fat is okay, as I have been eating it regularly and achieved inches weight loss.
But Asda has been doing all the yoghurt's types I can eat at half price. Once you get over the first and 2nd stage the cost of the diet will become less.

2 Eggs
1 fat free Muller yogurt
sugar free gum

Coments: Sometimes I have a craving for eggs and beans and it tastes amazing. Egg on its own, not so much. At 11am my stomach was feeling uncomfortable too much yogurt I imagine and not enough bran.


Mackerel in a bag
Some low fat yogurt from a pot

Oat bran gelatin


Fromage frais( rediscovered that I like it and a particular flavour because it taste like apple banana pie.

A unnaturally long post, couldn't do without pictures.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Prints Galore on Etsy

Amazing prints, wish they made fabrics like this today, perhaps sewing would be more fun? All images credited to sellers.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Feeling blue

Today I am feeling blue, in fact very sad. At work today I have received many requests for job information from people new to the town, great more groups I have to compete with for work. I didn't get the job interview for a job I applied for last year with a different company which resulted in an interview. I did get a job interview for one of the worst paying retail jobs I have ever had, I did this job 10 years and now I am forced to try and go back. The shopping centre is already recruiting even though it not due to open till September. The job market is worse this year, there seems to be even less mobility for changing careers and the pay has dropped, I have been shocked that some retail jobs are paying more than a beginning role in the public sector (normally higher paid). Everyone in my family now seems at risk of losing their job. Jobs are going in the public sector so those made redundant are stealing jobs in the private sector forcing people to take even more lower paid jobs. It has taken 9 months just to get this first retail interview for a shop assistant, even though shop retail is considered a low status job and low paid.
It seems these last year and half are many steps back work wise.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Dresses of The Week from millstreetvintage

Doesnt she get the most swoon worthy dresses and coats.
image credit millstreetvintage

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Miss D Look at you now!

The magazine stall came up trumps again.

I cant imagine giving so much love and attention to a place thats a rental.
I also hate celebrity house spreads as they dont usually feature the best pictures, no closet photo they only show her shoe collection and her bed which does scream 40s moviestar.

Monday, 14 February 2011

In Fashion on etsy

I love using vintage to cover current trends, actually thats a lie. I hate to buy things becuase its deemed fashionable this month.

From the one fashion bible I managed to grab a hold of I know gingham is in, the garden party look, ditsy print, butterfly & scallop (subtrend?) and some 70s stroke jane Fonda look, which I choose to ignore.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Valentines Special

Do you still wear red on valentines, get flowers or have a special meal?
Nope? These cupcakes from Sainsburys with the softest thick icing are enough to acknowledge the day, that millions of other people may be n love, if you are only in love with yourself.

Currently I am planning my outfits for two events, one I paid for the other a volunteered my services for.
Last year I brought a sheer black chiffon lace goth Lolita dress because it looked expensive and could be modified easily for a different look. It came with a nude slip so 2010. The funniest things about having so little money sometimes is how you rework the things you have already when normally you would of just bought new things. Currently Asda are selling silky chemises for Valentines day for £3.50 I bought it in red and it looks rather good underneath the dress as it's little longer so it peeks out.image credit

I spied some stockings with red contrasting seam to match and some devil wings(future costume idea) in Poundland all for £1.
image credit
This week I am in danger of thoroughly being chuffed about not wasting so much of my windfall on stuff I cant really use.

Lessons of the week

Nothing wrong with waiting.
Visualising the taste of foods in my mouth does help with cravings. (Thanks Paul Mc Kenna.
I am not a compulsive eater just a stress eater.( bag of chocolate in my room for 4 days uneaten)
Chewing gum is good for stress.
Walking is good motivation.
Concentrate on the haves, rather then the have nots.

Horrockses Love

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Dress of the Week

image credit daisyandstella $250

If I had a pretty penny I would spend it on you.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Buying continued

Add to the listing of walking shoes, new clothes and a book another piece to the Beswick collection. A teapot and a sugar bowl will complete the breakest service.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Hooray for Horrockses

I finally got the book (overtime money), and I found this adorable sundress below on etsy in the same week from StrumpetsBazaar. And as blue is my favourite colour, I have the accessories to match.
image credit StrumpetsBazaar

Other Horrckses dress on Ebay

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