Sunday, 30 May 2010

Mutate Britian

Mutate Britian
We are an art events movement run by a group of friends and collaborators made up of The Mutoid Waste Company and The Cordy House Family.

We work together to create surprising locations, with memorable atmospheres, so that the Art we exhibit can reach and engage more people than a gallery.

Yes I am pictured near to a mans arse, but not next too.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Valentines Park Mansion

In the Park grounds is Valentines Mansion, decorated with a victorian kitchen and georgian reproduction upstairs.

Valentines Park

It seems the area I have moved to isnt a total wasteland. Determined to enjoy this Sunday good weather, I made the 35 minutes walk to an idealic looking park I always pass on my way back from visiting my Aunt.
This Park always seems to be almost empty, free from rubbish and dog poo unheard of in an urbanised area.

I lost my broach not long after this, this wouldn't have happened if it was vintage.

Puffs Away

What do you do with a reduced roll of puff pastry, some dried out red onions, passata and a chunk of cheese?

Pear and puff pastry pie, surprising not that nice.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

DeluxleVile Giveway

Did I tell you this is one of my favourite blogs, I am in awe of her finds, and envy her collection and now to celebrate 400 followers (surely she should have way more!), she is giving away one of beautiful lamps, not sure why, clearly she has a heart of gold.
Click on the link to get in there.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A day trip in leicester

When I was studying I spent 2 years missing the greatest vintage shop outside London I only knew about it the day I was about to leave, after spending alot of money on a vintage watch, which 4 years later its sister popped up on eBay at quarter of the price. The stall holder told me about the shop and its bargain prices.
So twice a year I resolved to visit it, and last Thursday I did, it had been a year since I last visited and the former market stall had been fully implanted into a 2 story shop. I wish my camera had been working so that I could of taken pictures.
Armed with half my birthday money still intact I wanted to buy something nice.
I saw some nice things, but then I started justifying the price £45 for a simple shirt dress, which in my opinion wasn't nice. I tried on an Adele Simpson grey two piece with lime lining consisting of a circular skirt and a bolero it looked almost new it was only £32, I knew I should probably buy it, I didn't own anything like it and it was wearable spring/summer attire but it didn't move me, and after traveling that distance I wanted to be moved. I rifled through the dresses some more before realising that 40s and 50s clothing was now out of my price range and I have a rule if I can find it equivalent in Topshop for less I have no business buying it. Part of the reason I started buying vintage was it was cheaper then Topshop and made me look much better.
I spotted a pink 50s full skirt dress with cap sleeves, deep v neck neckline and fitted waist, glittery pink flocking adorned the dress, matching belt no slip included in my size! Then I slipped it on and I was a shapeless mess, in the end I bought two neck ties one 50s and one 40s for £5 each, a broach with pink and clear stones and a pair of bubble rhinestone earrings were only £4 each still more then half the price of London. I knew that a shop location would mean the vintage stock would go up, but I didn't anticipate how much that price difference effected the justification, especially as I am a part earner with full time bills. It will probably be another year before I return again hopefully with a bit more then £60 in the pocket.

Sorry I have been living pre Internet

I have now fully integrated myself into my new place, and it almost be described as a home, if their was Internet access. Off course I knew on my basic salary that having anything that may provide me with pleasure would have to be sacrificed. Also a further plundering of the vintage collection would be needed to be help part-time course. But I like the job which allows me to sit down, great for my old ladies ankles a result of too much walking in my youth (no free travel then) and 10 years of shop work. Gives me more experience and skills because I still dream of being a Librarian or an Information Officer. If I was a religious person this would be the point I would start praying, but I can honestly say I experienced worse at least 4 times over. Even if I was sick I still wouldn't pray, but may ask for a bible just to read. Uninformed people would say I'm lucky to have a job but I have always chosen the retail industry as people always shop no matter what, and have always avoided working for small retail companies in case they went into administration so luck doesn't come into it, just okay choices. That wont stop me using the other p word, please. Please give me 1 week more overtime so I can survive the 5 week pay months and and save for jury service. Please let me get a second job of 9hrs so I can qualify for tax credits, because it a werid world where you have to work hardly any hours or full time hours for help.
And please let me stick to the careful laid budget I rewrite everyday, no matter the temptation, which this week its a pvc corset but can it be a temptation if you accidently bid for it?

A present to myself because life is hard, and sparkles are cheap!

I want it

I have wanted this PVC corset for a while but I couldn't afford it full price and didnt want to over pay for it on eBay. Ideally I wanted the white version but having no Internet meant I didn't bid for it and also I hadn't been paid to chance a high bid.
But now I have dilemma, the alternative camera I was using has died, wish I hadn't lost my Sony cybershop 7 years old and it was still going strong. No camera to take pictures for eBay selling. No camera to take for day trips out.

Paris Bound

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