Friday, 19 February 2010

Thursday browsing

I love cake! And my favourite place to buy cake is from Selfridges in London, really I was there to decide whether I should spend £10 on OPI nail colour Barefoot in Barcelona. I didn't buy it but I saw some skinny types tucking to huge slices of cake. Have you ever watched the 1950's film Pollyanna? Well in the fairground scene, theirs a shot of kids being cut huge slabs of cake, that's how big it was. Unfortunately the red velvet cake didn't taste as nice as it looked, and it was too soft for me to try and cut it into two pieces.

Of course I had to visit Gillian at Alfie's Antique market and couldn't resist purchasing my vintage gold plated french ring. The way I see it, I'm trying to support the vintage economy, last week I went to Angel, Islington which used to be a vintage paradise, but now most of the sellers have had to move on as the landlords have sold their rental space to developers. Their used to be an arcade but know its some posh American brand import clothing line, too boring and preppy for my liking, but I was shocked the arcade had been turned into a shop.

Like Dita I would match rather have vintage jewellery that's big and fake rather then tiny and real, but then again I like the fact they took so much time to make it look like the real deal.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Oh No!

I have mould! For eight months my house had no heating, as the boiler stopped working, the problem turned out to be a broken fan, but due to health and safety reasons, no one would look at it, until recently, so now the walls are dripping water, which perfect for when you are trying to sell a house.
I was taking items out as I like to check they are okay, and my wardrobe has mould,
3 of my lovely black dresses have the powdering of mould. Luckly I have presence of mind to put my basic black dresses at the end of the wardrobe and my best and coloured dresses go centre. Never the less Im still upset as this may explain the mystery why the beaded dress I bought at christmas suddenly has developed red spotting on the back where their were no spots before. If the worst of the worst happens at least I can re dye the plain black dresses if they are discoloured.
To console myself I have had a Kit Kat or three.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Sewing Trouble

I was so close to completing this dress, but it was the description of how to do the button holes which did me in.
So while visiting my local town for no particular reason, I spotted this book.

For the simple sewer this book looks well explained, but at £19.99 at the discount book store, too much for me however a search on the Internet sees it on Amazon for £14.99. I already have a book that shows me how to do button hole but its one of those Good Housekeeping Guides from the 70's that covers everything so it not explained in great detail. These is meant to be the easiest pattern to do, the one I have at the moment also is button up and has pleating on the skirt as well, perhaps I need to buy this book after all.

Up in the Air

I had lots of plans for today but the bad weather ruined it. The gloomy light meant I couldnt take any good pictures for ebay, and as my camera isnt as modern as it used to be it doesnt pick up the details of dark objects and clothing if their isnt enough light. I also wanted to do some sewing but the cold and dark light meant I gave it a miss, while I could squint in the bad light provided by low energy light bulbs, my eyes are hurting with the strain. I also managed to get a one day pass for the gym, so Im going to try the trial gym route as regularly gym membership is not within my budget, as I cant sustain eBay selling indefinately. It was was a good chance to look at the style blogs, now that I no longer buy Elle magazine (2yrs and counting), I dont know whats current among movers and shakers, not that I care about fashionable, because to truly be fashionable you need to wear the looks before they hit the high street otherwises its just plain copying.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Cute as a button Award

In the good old days, I would of bought this just because its cute, even though it wouldn't fit, I could always go on a diet. I went on the Atkins and followed it to the letter even making the bread, which was gross, however I did really like the strawberry milkshake, just to fit into egg shell blue strapless fifties style frock for my aunts wedding. It was a perfect looking reproduction and well made, but boy sitting down was agony, I sold it on as I couldn't do Atkins forever to maintain the size needed to wear it uncomfortable.

At the moment its available at a buy it now option $125 from bull117 on eBay starting price $85.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Favourite Seller- Denisebrain

I think Denisebrain has been trading as long as I have been using eBay.
Last year I purchased an adorable blue hat and pearl encrusted cotton gloves but then realised they dont match anything I have, so sold them on, however now I have a blue dress that would of matched it and a white dress is coming.

I think all these dresses are lovely, I particuly like the middle dress, and I think I could rock the pink dress, even though I dont really like pink.
I also forgot to mention shes the Queen of styling! The floral hair piece in the middle picture, doesn't it look lovely with that brocade dress?

I do Sew

Recently I have been feeling very empty, so I have started to be creative again using other then food. I know african prints are going to be hot, again and this fabric would probably look better as a pleated skirt, but their are no pattern shops where I live so I have to make do.

Look proof, Im not all talk, I will keep updating, but please note I am a slow sewer.

In the Post

You know I said this item was a little big, well disturbingly its really not, so I'm off to Ymca gym to find out how much it is to join. At the same time I'm thinking its a Friday so I need a sweet treat. The jacket needs 2cm trimmed of each side and the dress 1.5cm for a tighter fit.
Wish me good luck I have another interview and its local so they cant use the excuse, I live too far to be considered, they will have to use a legitimate reason like I don't have enough experience (which would be true).

What the frak?

Do you have a what he hell was I thinking moment? Well the advantage of getting older is they happen much less.
This horrible pink corset by Fairygothermother was my what the frak, most expensive purchase. I have never worn it, in fact I think I forget that actual I am not white so it would never look as ethereal as it does on the model, so I am finally selling it on.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Saturday Glee on a Tuesday Morning

Last Saturday I meet up with 10-15 people I had never met before for the Bizarre Meet up organised through Bizarre magazines. I joined the party particularly late as shopping and eating out in Camden was more then I could afford, so I meet them at Slimelight the longest running goth club in London. I was a kid in a candy store they have their own cinema in the club, you can get the best tasting burgers and cake and coffee. Its open to 7.30 so for those who come from outside London you can get the first train home. Also you can bring in your own spirits as long as you are discrete, cant wait to go again in Feb. Now what can I buy to wear?

Paris Bound

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