Saturday, 31 October 2009

This Hallow

I will be at home, the first in many years.Not sure how this happened.
So I have my fries, and popcorn, and 4.5hrs of back to back movie viewing.

Prom Night (70s) version
Halloween (80s)
Halloween 2(80s)

Friday, 30 October 2009

Not a Happy Bunny- Its Raining

Guess what! I actual made it to a job interview, I got up really early, it would of been praticual to take the rail, but before 9.30 is too expensive, especially for a job I probably wont get. I got their quite early, the place didnt look to bad, it was a rented office place.
I saw my interviewer, he asked me a few questions, then he said I live too far to be considered, I was livid, I then went into a speech, that most of my roles have involved at least an 1hr travel up to 2.5hrs and because the travel distance would only be a problem if I had to get their before buses started running or finish really late. What I should of said is, if that the case you wasted my time and my money, pay up.
It shouldnt be allowed, I know their more people out of work, but I dont think employeers should waste peoples time and money, just to make up the numbers.
The only saving grace, well their isnt one really, as I have wasted money traveling, wasted money because I needed a pick me up, in the form of carrot cake.
The bakers over the road had real carrot cake, probabley store bought, and not the dodgy version that they get one of two friends to make. The one version made by the person who can cook, is a lovely moist carrot cake, and then theirs the other person who really cant cook or follow receipes, really the homemade chocolate and carrot cake might as well be the same thing they taste like poison, and the trouble is you cant tell apart the good carrot cake from the bad one.
Yes I do like carrot cake, Portobello Market has a stall that does the best carrot cake cupcakes, and Selfridges has a nice Swedish Carrot cake, yum yum.
Yes we must gain pleasure from simple things.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

If Money was no object I would go Art Deco

I have been watching BBC Fours "The Age of Glamour" a look at Britain glamour period, it seems the recession has created a need for nostalgia, I only believe that this recession is the worst in 50s years as we, I know my generation has been bought up to be a nation of consumers, spend what we don't have, want what we don't need.
When I was at secondary school I was inspired by Art Deco one day in Art class. I would faithfully draw art deco's most famous posters, I thought I was quite a good artist, but really I was a good copyist. I loved the modern look, curvy shapes, and glass shiny topped surfaces, it was one classy style. I did dream about owning an art deco dolls house but I thought £225 was pricey, when property programmes came on that featured art deco properties I was horribly jealous. Why didn't I live in an area that had houses like that? The thing that killed my art deco loving?
Why the price, I would want the original and from visiting places like Alfies Antique Market, I would need a couple of Grand to spare. The fifties look is more accessible, and the reproduction pieces available some of them look like the real thing.
Watching Art Deco Icons- Claridges which has some impressive interiors, made me realise are the best years over?, Apart from Obama, the fall of the Berlin Wall, can I say I grow up in era of great change and development and exciting new ideas. Maybe that's the real reason why Art Deco is considered the Golden age because everything was new and hadn't been repeated or experienced, it was the real period where anything could happen, you just had to have balls!

My lust, an Art Deco Dressing Table.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Ones That got Away

You wouldnt know their was a recession on Ebay by judging by the sale prices for some things.
I really wanted this dress, I worked out what I would sell to buy it, 1930s silk nightgown, a couple of vintage magazines, a 40s wool jacket etc.

This 1940s dress finally sold for $145.00 on ebay, maybe Toprunway could make a dress like this for me?

This cup, but another cup has just gone on sale and I am watching it.

This jug which is the worst as its a rarity, but I didnt have the internet,
otherwise I would of bought it.

And this should of been mine, damn ebay for locking me out from selling for two weeks, from wear-vintage.

Friday, 23 October 2009

The List

Every women has a list, a list that covers their aspirations and dreams.

Here's mine
  • Stay at my present job more then a year tick
  • Work for the council
  • Learn to drive before I hit 26
  • Start saving for the future
  • Go to Las Vegas for Viva Las Vegas for my 25 birthday
  • Own Latex tick
  • Have a professional picture tick
  • Buy Hats tick
  • Buy more Circus Beswick tick
  • Be creative again almost
  • Lose a stone half way
  • Date almost

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Change Please?

I want a pair of fabulous eyeglasses, Ive seen some amazing pairs on Ebay America my No1 source for all things vintage. Their are some wild ones on sale, I just need $195. Im trying to think why I dont own any vintage eyewear, mainly because they are very expensive in the shops and on ebay the nice ones always go for more then I am prepared to pay.
On the blog Diary of Vintage Girl , Fleur is modelling some beautiful examples of inventive eyewear, all not for sale.

Anyone got $195.00 to donate?

Ultimate Mood Lifter- Keeping your Chin Up

When I am sad I like to dress up in my most glamorous frocks, when Im very sad I just like to eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream in front of a slasher movie.
Here's me in a 1940s cocktail dress, that I purchased from the Hammersmith Vintage Fair, I have to say I don't go their anymore now that my free ticket entrance as dried up as well as I kinda didnt like the atmosphere anymore, it seemed like a few of the sellers were disappointed with the amount of sales they were getting or maybe it was the crowd. They would whisper things when I used to take my aunt, like "she's not going to buy anything!" As if black people dont like vintage. I actually get the same feeling when I look for vintage in Greenwich, there was this lovely desk with attached chair in one of the shops, but I didnt want to buy it as I felt ill at ease.

Material of dress is like a waterproof coat, weird but functional.

My Jakob Bengel Earrings I bought at Angels Antique Arcade

I then change into my glamorous nightwear, it is probably a dressing gown in the true since you but it on as you get ready, it was the first vintage piece of clothing I ever bought from Ebay and I remember waiting, worried it may get lost in international post.

The person who made it, stitched the shoulder wrong, then unpicked it and did it again, that why I love vintage it has a story and conscience.

Coupled with my Hollywood ostrich cape (Grays Antique Market), apparently Kate Moss wear it in a photoshoot for some magazines like I D, that probably explains the burn mark on it and the faint smell of smoke. I feel so Hollywood, its the ultimate mood lifter.

Ladies of Colour- Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith is my new girl crush, retro styled clothing with a shock of red hair.
I love her every look in the video New York and Stone Cold Sober.

Key style
50s silhouette's
modern prints and colourways
decoration, rhinestone, beading and sequin
Mix and match textures

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Silver Lining

Good news! I won £10 on the lottery so that covered the wasted travel fare and gives me a couple of quid to spend wiselys.
Also my tray of veg for a £1 that I have been getting for like ages, coupled with economy spending for the last two months, means that I have the lost weight, so I can now fit in Christmas favourite vintage dresses and this dress below only two more inches to go on the bust.

1950s chiffon Party dress £55

My bargain shop buy. 1940S Dress with Bolero £42

I got these two dresses from a vintage shop up north, for years I studied at a University town that had the best kept vintage shop in England, and when I did find out about it, I had left. It makes me mad, just thinking of the kinda clothes I couldve bought while studying.
It makes the 3hr trip I make 4 times a year to visit it, worth it.

Washout Wednesday

I had my 2nd interview this month and I didn't make it, I had to take the bus because at the minute Im living on £5 a week, I factored in traffic, but I didn't factor in the rain or walking distance so I was more then 15 minutes late for the interview. I probably could of called them but phone calls are pricy on my line, I decided not to go in as they wouldn't consider me as a professional for being so late anyway and to be honest I would need to give one hell of an interview for them to overlook that, and by looking at the severe red eyes I woke up with this morning I wasnt gonna get this job. Never mind I didnt want to work their anyway.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I have a bad habit.....I have many habits but this one is whenever I go to John Lewis and when they have a sale on patterns I must try and buy a reproduction dress pattern, and then nothing................................................... they just sit in my sewing bag.
I have made something, a felt flower hat based on a vintage design and a summer dress which is near complete but I got stuck on doing the button hole stand and then cut a skirt panel wrong and havn't looked at it since last year.
So today I have decided that I need to part with at least a few, to feed my Beswick habit.
Find me under usernames essex_lolly on ebay

Monday, 19 October 2009

Mondays Best- Crossover 40's dress

There something about 1940's dress, its functional yes, but with a hint of glamour.
This dress has beautiful magenta lining perfect for glaming up a dark winters day, I was lucky to get from ebay for under £40.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Recommended Seller- Dress Like Dita pt 2

The recomended Seller section features only sellers I have personal purchased from and feel they deserve more coverage.

Katandpat@ PinkPurr Studio on Ebay, produce custom made 50s style clothing, the clothing design are amazing and are worthy of the price.
I discovered them a while ago but, I couldn't justify the garments prices on my salary, their prices do fluctuate, sometimes they are lowered and that's the perfect time to grab a piece. They are definately worth the investment as they are made to a high standard custom fit and with love.
I only own one piece a sarong style dress with a African style print, which was a new style they were trying out for the summer last year.

As soon as my funds sort out themselves I got my eye on the Pink Kitty Halter Dress.

Black Rockabilly 50s PINK Kitty Cat Halter Dress $199.00 my dream dress at you can dream price. The other colour tone is less at $159.00

BLACK 50s Vintage stl BEADED SHIMMY MARTINI PARTY Dress $149.00

I would imagine that this would be something that would give you the 50s look, and maybe something that Dita Von Teese may of worn in the earlier years, before she focused on the 40's style, which somtimes makes her look like the most preserved Granny in the World. She should stick to modern or flirty 50s its more becoming on her.

Recommended Seller- Kiss Me Quick

I have always liked stockings, they are the ultimate in feminity, but I always worn a uniform so I cant wear them to work.

I wish for an office job, I wish for an office job

My first pair of nylon stockings, I bought only last year from What Katie Did. I bought two pairs of classic seamed stockings in either chocolate. and one in white with black contrast. Unfortunately the chocolate pair had a fault in them, and after traveling 1.5hrs to get them, I couldnt go back to replace them. While I was their I also bought my first waist shaper girdle by Rago, which was highly recommend, but unfortuntely does very little shaping, so I quickly sold it on.
Armed with my new stockings, but with nothing to hold them up with, I started searching the internet for a vintage inspired number and came across this seller Kiss Me Quick on etsy.
I am not a slender girl but her powermesh girdle sucks me in and is ultra sexy. Now shes back selling her girdles which are used by burlesque artists.
Don't be Cross" Girdles, comes this very pretty number in a limited edition, 1940's inspired, pink and grey print!

Halloween Costume

Halloween is my favourite holiday better then Christmas, so I have already worked out my outfit choice, but just to make sure I thought I should do picture montage.

This years contender as "Vampira", base is Morticia dress.

Last years costume "The Green Witch"

The backup "Dark Riding Hood," consists of glitter red corset, Healing Heart Hoodie, vintage sequin cape, ruffle skirt.

Recommended Seller- Healing Heart

Healing Heart is another seller, I have been watching on Etsy, while I admire her message, I couldn't wear clothing with messages on it, I eat meat, wear leather shoes and own vintage fur. One item I did buy was the Ribbon Ruffle hoodie, it has a quite lolita feel to it. My only complaint I would have is that the hood is out of shape and falls of my head, so I cant wear it up, and the length is little short for my liking, not really a fan of belly flashing, but otherwise it a quality made piece.

Ribbon Ruffle hoodie $54.00

Next on the list Ruffles Bows N Hearts Hoodie $78.00


Healing Heart Designs is an ethical clothing and accessory company based in Toronto. Advocating Compassion Over Fashion, the line features original designs that are fit for any body type, and easy on the conscience. Made in Canada and cruelty-free, the clothing is cute, comfortable, and most importantly delivers a strong message.Make a loud statement in style; become a caring consumer and let Healing Heart help you start a revolution in your closet!

Recommended Seller - Hey Sailor

I have not listed many recommended sellers as my funds are dry, so I have not bought anything from the internet in the last 3 months. Hey Sailor is a seller I have been admiring on Etsy for a while, I have lots of favourites on Etsy, so slowly I am working through the list on what to buy next.

I cant believe I have not posted about my favourite hat seller Hey Sailor!
She sells "ladies vintage inspired hats of distinction," her own words. Up onto yesterday on Etsy she was holding a special 48hr sale, where some of her most expensive hats were available for $110, a rarity, the sale is still on but the low discount is no longer available. I'm so upset why did I have to jack my job in? I only own one hat by Hey Sailor which I bought on sale (wearing it on my profile pic), but its beautiful, so I will have to hold out for the next sale.

My dream hat now $171.00

Sundays Best- Sweater Dress

The Best thing about Autumn is that I have a reason to shop for vintage winter wear. I'm on mission for a lovely sweater dress from the 40s-60s.

So far I have one, a beautiful acrylic knitted black dress with lavish sequin bow from the 60s.
Made by Pat Sandler for Wellmore it's a sad example of how boring modern day clothing has become, I rarely visit the shops and think, wow I must buy this!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Ultimate Mood Lifter

I recently read recently that sales of saucy suspender has gone up over the recession.
I cant understand why recession and possible the popularity of women such as Dita Von Teese has caused UK women to buy more then normally. All women should own nice lingerie sets, I have always bought nice lingerie, bra and panties set with matching girdles. I understand lingerie can be expensive, especially if you are a larger cup, which I am, but their are numerous outlets and ways to acquire lingerie for less. Sales are the best, Selfridges, Debenhams usually have the best sales, with John Lewis is good for designer brands. If you are a larger cup size you are often spoilt for choice. The Best place I find if you are no bigger then a E up is Tkmaxx, that where I have got some of my favorite sets often for £10, it does require you regularly to visit as you can miss out on some great brands, I spotted Elixar by Lejaby and Chantelle on some trips, but unfortunately I missed my size, but it definitely is worth a look.

New underwear is the ultimate mood lifter, it makes you look and feel sexy, how can that be a bad thing. It can also save relationships, sometimes relationships become stale and boring, in new lingerie you are a different women, so ditch those greying undies with the elastic coming through, your soul will thank you.

Paris Bound

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