Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Wishful Thinking

It good to have dreams, don't you think? Even if they are unrealistic, I for one wanted to be an author but as I find it hard to complete 10 pages, that's unlikely.
But its worst to pursue a dream that at one time in your life, you could have had the chance to achieve. Wisdom with age is no good, when you are no longer in the position to do anything with it.

Monday, 30 August 2010

I heart you

I received my new dress and yuck it has blood stains on it, that wasn't advertised in the eBay listing. Earlier in the year I had read a entry from Diary of a Vintage Girl about how Fleur removed stains from her Swirl dress by using Vanish Oxi-clean, I read the small print and it said not suitable for clothing with metal zips, so I found an alternative from Sainsbury.
The water was brown afters and a small patch on the colour had faded, but that's because, I may have rubbed to much, but the worst of the staining had been removed and only two little dots remain, but as they are on the collar its okay.
I then used this powder on another if my printed cotton dress, I used a less concentration, so it brightened the fabric, but didn't remove all the stains. I then used it on my white sundress, big mistake, it removed the stains, but where the stains was the fabric was very white. I may have to invest in the Sainsbury stain remover for whites, to get the rest of the dress brilliant white.

PS Wear some gloves, the stuff seams to coat your hands invisible, same as the clothes, and multiple washes are needed. I think that's the only negative and no gloves means flaky hands for days.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Cant think, Bring on the Samba

Seem to have developed an interest in furniture £120 for all this, the manager said she was selling it cheap as a whole load of new furniture is coming! More 30s furniture, yes please. Unfortuntely they are being sold as a pair, sideboard ownership dreams are over. If any I knew someone who could store it for me for the next two years.

Update the table has returned, but not the sideboard which went for a measley £35, I feel sick.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Hey Sailor- The Sale

My favourite style of hat is now £82, sod part time working!


Pretty Dress of The Week

Breathtaking is a word hardly used in reality to describe a womens dress, but this surely must be it.
Movie star goodness from redhousevintage.


Pretty Dress of The Day

Wow, wow, wow @millstreetvintage


Friday, 6 August 2010

My old town had a fashion show

The Winner: Vanessa Ofori-Boafo (Definately a Miss Selfridge Dress)

Here are my favourties not Miss Selfridge style, but certainely my style, they were later auctioned for Charity.

My favourite, too edge for Miss Selfridhe totally Topshop

I rarely post about my job, since their isn't anything I haven't seen, but contacting schools and colleges is my least favourite part, in fact who new a wording of a letter could cause so much aggro. I now know school don't like subtle, "so would like" works better then "invite". And teenage girls don't switch their phones on.

Textile and fashion students aged 16-21 had a chance to compete for a Miss Selfridge placement. A once in a lifetime opportunity, makes me all nostalgic, when I was 16 and it was hard to find a school that had textiles or fashion on the curriculum, what a difference 8 years make.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Feeling Patrotic

Realistically it could be summers over, when I finally get this dress, just as well as I need new jewellery to match. Last week I went to Grays antique market looking for some Lucite or Bakelite bangles, as usual I picked up the most expensive, I was desperate to buy a red one but not at £39. Then a took a look at etsy BanginBangles has a great selection

Dresses of The Day from millstreetvintage

There have been some amazing dresses going through millstreetvintage and this week is no exception, only four days left!

New Buy Alert

I finally bought some new vintage (pic 1), just in time for an unexpected bill to come my way, so now flogging the modernist lamp, as my 50s lamp has arrived, and the 50s pink button dress (pic 2), now labelled the "Nurse" dress by my Aunt.

Find me on ebay under essex_lolly.

Splice Review

When I went to see Splice I already thought I knew what it would be like, they would create a human hybrid carnivorous creature that will kill everyone apart from the main character (Elsa) who will then kill it but not before it reproduces. I was mustly right apart from it not being a meat eater, and that twist at the end. Their was no blood or gore, the horror came from the character Elisa. Her desire to discovery new things, not caring about the risk, gets her partner and his brother killed. The creature Dren is scripted in a sympathetic light, here is a being with possible human intelligence trapped in a warped body, unable to fully express herself or be free, not able to talk but is able to use scrabble pieces to make words. The only word Dren utters is when she changes sex, to impregnate the character Elisa to complete its life cycle.
You see, mostly right!
*** Rating

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Summer Sale Havana Two piece Swimsuit

I just love the swimsuits from ladramaqueen on etsy and the above swimsuit is now $85 and the 2 piece is $100, for this I could dare going to the swimming pool.

A Team Review

I am probably biased about this film since its been ages since I have paid full priced for a cinema ticket and did sweat a little when I had to part with nearly £20 for 2 tickets and they wonder why cinema going numbers are declining. I didn't fancy seeing inception at a whopping 2.5 hrs long, but it was sold out anyway. The tiny cinema screen was barely halful for a new release and the screen was tiny I was ready to complain already, the bollywood film had a bigger screen then this.
I vaguely remember the A Team TV series, but it had humour, this film took it self way too seriously, Jessica Biel needs to fire her agent if this is the best he/she can do for her. Her character was pointless and powerless. Also how can none of the bad guys seem unable to shoot for toffee, its pure luck they manage to shoot anyone.
Padded out half longer then needed really dragged, bad CGI at the end, bad and predictable ending. Please don't make anymore because when a cinema starts treating a new movie as if it at the end of its cinema release time, its time to give up. I wanted to see Splice but since it doesn't seem to have any famous people in it cinema is generally ignoring it.
**Rating SATC 2 still worse

Dress of The Weekend

Theres have been some seriously lovelies on ebay over the last two weeks and this dress is no exception, in fact I am planning to bid on it as I have been fairly good all week.
Vintage 50S Elegant Rhinestone Party Vintage from redhousevintage less then a day to go!
Update it went for under £40, not having home internet access sucks arse!

Paris Bound

I went to Paris for a Podiatry conference in April, and I could feel it, the unrest, the uncertainty, I felt the same in Germany, a loss of...