Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Oh dear whats the cure for spending, apart from working. It seems the green cash keeps burning a hole in my pocket. Yesterday I was on a mission, I would visit Goldhawk Road in search of lobster fabric (didn't make it) and would see the Carmen photo exhibit (also didn't make it). What I did make is a trip to Alfie's Antique market in search of more Beswick (found it). One of my favourite stands inside is Ian Boughton its filled with wonderful kitsch 50s icon items, each time I pass is kiosk I always say to myself I must buy something but rarely do.
But yesterday I spotted the Beswick dish of my dreams and happily raided the last of my funds for my deposit. It was after our conversation about the pricing of 50s means that it harder and harder to buy it at a reasonable price, he told me he is moving out from Alfie's after 17 years and looking to sell alot of his stock. Oh no! I have always wanted to build up my own collections of 50s and 60s bar wear but as I still don't have a home I though it was impractical. Naturally I had to buy more or be priced out, I spotted a pin up ice cream set, rushed out to raid my bank to buy it but didn't have enough (damn you moneybox charm). image credit omnistar

I returned with what I had left and bought 4 pin up beer tumblers and a Babycham ice pocket, and a reserve on original babycham glasses, await more funds
This picture is the exact likeness of the ice bucket I purchasedimage credit

This amazing website for all things Babycham and they have Cherryb and I think I vaguely remember it

Monday, 2 January 2012

Phew its 2012

I can already say that my 2012 is already 10 times better then 2011, so forget the resolutions my aim is to just to earn, earn and earn.
So this January I will see this exhibit

Queue up for Leonardo da Vinci and get my first manicure.
Bye bye to 2011 you wont be missed.

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