Monday, 29 August 2011

The Marilyn Dress

Marilyn Monroe Dress-Polka Dot Wiggle Pinup-Seven Year Itch Hallway Dress @ Morningstar84 image credit Morningstar84

I have seen a few interpations of Marilyn screen dress, but this is now my new fave.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Miss L Fire

image credit Miss L Fire

These should of been my summer shoes! Sale is now on

Friday, 26 August 2011


New Walk Museum and Gallery. For the 1st year of university I walked down the picteresque New Walk a walkway which links a part of leiceter to the town centre. I usually miss the museum and just go shopping, but I had more time in Leicester then usual. Their was also an exhibit on Picasso plates, but no pictures were allowed.

Blunts is were I would go for cheap shoes. Now serious question Are these shoes vintage inspired or old ladies?

Leicester Lanes has lots of independent boutiques and I was happy to note many of them were there during my Uni days.

I go back to Leicester mainly for this shop, it used to be a market stall inside and I didnt know about until my final year at University, just as well as I would of been broke. I go back once a year, usually for my birthday but last year I was too broke to go up there.

I scored there were lots of things in my size, I left behind this 40s dress the silky material reminded of my dressing gown. The last time I went there was only a couple of things in my size but I didnt have the budget. So I went a little crazy with the credit.

My birthday dress well worth the money.

This my christmas dress, but Im not sure about the colour but I love this bust detail.

This dress is an amazing! Its an halterneck with an amazing mid century print, I would need to lose 4inch on the bust to do it up.
Scarf for the Aunt

Can you Guess?

Ice Cream At the Seaside from Scoop and Crumb.

Dinos at the Shopping Centre.


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