Friday, 26 November 2010

Its a Cold Night- Knits

image credit PranceandSwagger $65

So Miss Marple, how stylish was the Geradine Smith version!

image credit violetsandgrace $55

image credit Planetclairevintage 40s sweater dress $59

image credit lilyandruby vintage, modern chartreuse knit dress

image credit maybel 57 $22

image credit MotherMidnight, Alpine zip up sweater $24
I have had this item as a favourite for a more then a month now but you just cant everything that you want.

Daydreaming on Etsy

image credit GetLuckyVintage $75

image credit fabgrabs $66

image credit BBBdesigns $26

Image credit zwzzy, Deweese 70s dress $260

image ctredit RoomServiceVintage $12.75

image credit RoomService Vintage $30

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Its a Cold Night - In the bedroom

image credit RubyfruitVintage $62
Housewifes favourite quilted robe.

image credit yesterdazedFor the golden girl. $55

image credit FeralVintage $45

image credit Chandeluse $45
Smoking jacket and satin trousers, novelty pj sets go away.

Its a Cold Night - Capes

image credit

Modern cape from Next £40

image credit littleorphanfannie
The best value buy 60s cape from littleorphanfannie $32

Investment buy, miltary trend 60s cape from shopbearcat $125

image credit britneynason3

On trend suede cape from britneynason3 $68

image credit sewpeace420
Adorable 70s poncho from sewpeace420 perfect to wear with coffe colour tones. $55

Deadstock Alert

vintagewise $88

image credit carmenandginger $36

image credit PinTuckVintage $80

image credit MariesVintage $69

image credit TheVintageStudio $60

When I first started buying vintage I was alittle grossed out about the thought that the items may have decades old dirt and bodily fluids, but then I discovered the power of Borax and the difference in price.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Project Dress on Etsy

image credited miss1940sVintage

Redye a $30 classic style?

Deadstock on Etsy

I think I have divulge my secret desire to own deadstock vintage, my other secret desire is to create my own book about it.
So I couldnt resist it now it has been reduced to $12.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Pearl Lowe @ Peacocks

I love this vintage style dresses at Peacocks priced from £35-£50. And the recent documentary about illegal immigrants in the UK acting as sweat shop labour for the British high street in the UK wont put me of either, as that's nothing new. The immigrants help feed the market by choosing to work here illegal and insure the workers salary remain low, or put people out of work. While the companies want to make bigger profits with each year.
I have never aspired to be a machine worker, a day trip to an official New Look Factory in Leicester put paid to that. Rows and rows of people sewing the same part of a garment together over and over again.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Have you heard about "the Secret

If you are American you have probably heard alot about the Secret by Rhonda Byrne.
Well I had only heard of this, last Friday when I was stuck on the 123 for 1 and half hour detour. I meet a young woman called Hayley who had been reading The Secret and swore it had changed her life, she was beaming with happiness and being stuck on a bus for an extra an hour and half should have made me very grumpy, but in fact I was very happy. Today I logged on to Amazon out find out about the Secret. Some say its a crock and if you want enlightingmnet and spiritacity join a religion as the book takes snipets from Religion, others say there are better books out there. Me I say I will look out for it in the Library, a book can not change my life, it can change how I see things, but a self help book cant physical give me a job interview.

Dandelion Vintage

images courtesy of Dandelion Vintage

I have been slow on the mark discovering the delights of Dandelion Vintage, I love the choice of clothing and accessories, I love the different price points and more important I love the fact that it not all small sizes. Yes I have an eye of a few things just need to wait 2 months longer for the splurge.

Luncheonette Vintage Giveaway at Fashion Forestry

Heres the season to be jolly! Its giveway galore on my favourite blogs.
Fashion Forestry has indulged us again with another competiton and another seller to add to the etsy favourites.

Luncheonette Vintage is having a presale of 20% of and if you are the lucky winner of the $50 gift certificate, well thats more bang for your buck.

Your so pretty image $22 courtesy of Luncheonette vintage

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