Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My dressing table

My dressing table is here, but not the lamp!

For some reason they stuck two large white labels on the mirror, which I am having trouble peeling off. I told my mother, about my new purchase always a mistake. Of course this was a needed purchase, in my last house I had a big chest of drawers where I was able to lay out my more delicate items, like sequin capes, flapper dress and fans. Now my ostrich fans have a nice big drawer to open out in as they have started to sweat and aren't as fluffy, they look sad.
Next on the agenda vintage, inspired draw liners, fragrance bags and some good old fashioned polish.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Garden Party

Every August my gran parents hold a garden party for friends and family.
Still I haven't dropped the 3 dress sizes needed to fit into my pretty white Summer dress. Now I am determined to look my best but now I spent my summer outfit fund on my new dresser, will need to think of less extravagant buys on etsy.

Halers $35.00

Lilyvintage $14.00

DecadesBaltimore $18.00

I got it

You now when people say they don't have any money? Well what they really mean is I don't have money to waste on silly things, especially on things they don't particularly like. I have always wanted a vintage dresser, in fact as a child I imagined you couldn't be a real woman til you had a dresser, I have a tassel boudoir chair 1960s remake, and always wished I could buy art deco dresser to match. This is an investment piece which probably want be full appreciated until I move to my own place but at £40 from a charity shop, I couldn't say no, well I had already said no to the 1940s drink cabinet, they didn't deliver.

I was trying to find a dressing table that looked similar to my purchase, both are the same shape, it would be simpler to just to wait till I get the real thing but waiting was never my strong point.

The dressers is constructed like this one from road*cruiser from ebay and the mirror is a similar shape.

The dressers is this colour, poor oak, dont understand why everyone wants fake pine.

Monday, 21 June 2010

My luck

Wish I had my own place, because then I could justify spending £40 on a 1890s sewing Machine not a Singer model for decoration (reflecting on this could still buy it for future use). And £40 on an oak art deco dresser, its not in the best condition needs to be revarnished but is structurel sound, still only £40 quid. I dont have transport or a pal to get it up the stairs, so its on my if only list or even space, would it fit through the door? I must enquire about delivery otherwise I may be kicking myself for years to come. Better keep this Weekend shopping destination a secret because all the vintage sellers will be here.

Friday, 18 June 2010

My New Friend Mr Stag

As I left the house this morning, I supported a new addition to the wall, my first response was to get something heavy to squash him in case it got into the house, my second response, damn wish I had my camera. Thinking he was an escaped pet, I googled to see what type of beetle he was, during work. Glad I didn't squash him as they only come out to mate, hes a protected and endangered specie and he has his own charity.
On my way back its still there, in the same spot, so I got my picture after all.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


My dream lamp

My actual lamp.

My worst quality is sometimes I don't wait long enough, whether it is to hold out for jobs, courses, people or for deals.
So guess what I found on etsy, this blows the other lamp right out of the water, as soon as I get my first lamp its going to eBay heaven. I think I am in love with the lampshade more then anything else.
A steal at £29 excluding rewiring cost, but still!
Its all you thought Deluxville. Now I await it's safe arrival.


Blue is my favourite colour, but I have never had blue shoes, dream fulfilled and in suede to boot, for the price £14.99, the benefits of the outlet store.

SATC- A sad story

Sad Arsed Tried Characters that my review of Sex And The City.
Its a long term since I have watched a movie which made me want to leave before it was over and half way through the Dubai adventures my ipod was on.
Does Sara Jessica Parker have a sponsorship deal with Jimmy Choo because every short of her needed to include her shoes. And just because Sarah Jessica Parker is executive producer gives her no right to think at her age with those Madonna arms she can wear strapless dresses, it doesn't matter how much they hike up those boobs she still looks like a man. It anything SATC seemed to be just a fashion show for the rich, how the over forties can work the more extreme fashion trends and how to display your maximum wealth to the masses. They tried to give the film heart with the human stories but it would of been better if the main characters had displayed it more.
Kim Catrall and Cynthia Nixon are prime illustrates that body fat makes you look more beautiful, feminine and womanly as you get older. I hope that they produce no more of the movies as Sarah Jessica face just scares the viewers, closes up should be baned.
Yes SATC was crass, over indulgent to the extreme where it wasn't even funny any more, it was just greed, greed, greed.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Lamps Have It

I never been interested in vintage lighting, mainly because there isn't any good books on the subject out there, but since following Welcome to Deluxville, I have been charmed.

My new lamp, not the same but its Vintage italian.

I would love one of these types of lamps but in the UK they go for the same price as weekend away. Recently eBay did have an auction for Modern Century lamps, that didn't go for the earth but no Internet at my disposable, cutting back sucks!

Book of The Month

If I was stuck on a desert island the one request I would have is a subscription to Amazon's website. I have been admiring this book for a couple of months, and now the overtime has finally kicked in, I have treated myself.
I think it very hard to find a really good constructed Vintage fashion book, some concentrated too much on just boring clothes on mannequins and stock photos, some have too much text that seems to be lifted straight from a history book,or every other book produced on the subject, but not Forties Fashion:From Siren Suit to The New Look.
Yes it does have clothing pictured on mannequins, but these images are styled, accessories. Yes it has historical text, but also alot of background information that isn't just focused on the clothing, but how culture and politics shaped clothing during war time over the world. If only more history books were written in this fun fact way.
Did you know they tried to use cat fur to replace the shortages of fur in Eastern Europe? Yuck just think there could be someone wearing a cat fur stole that been processed to look like rabbit.

Paris Bound

I went to Paris for a Podiatry conference in April, and I could feel it, the unrest, the uncertainty, I felt the same in Germany, a loss of...