Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I have my Nars replacement

Have I told you about the time, when I went to America and had my Nars body glow half full, confiscated? Well I havnt bought one since, as it was expensive. Tried many of the alternaties but they all had large gawdy glitter particules, but I just may have found a winner. Champneys Oriental Body Oil.
Firstly it smells heavenly, it does moisture your skin (I have thirsty skin),the texture seems to be the same as Nars, you have to shake it before use.It has fine gold particules that shimmer gracefull in the light, a lighter colour to the Nars but at £8rrp and for the price savy me I got it for £4.

Rewiew from Women&Home By Daniella Fox http://www.womanandhome.co.uk/articles/hairandbeauty/buyoftheday/472381/champneys-oriental-body-glistening-oil.html
Fed up of faffing around with fake tan or feeling anxious about exposing your legs this summer? If you're looking for an instant hit of colour on your pins then this super glistening dry oil is for you.

With skin nourishing jojoba, sesame and rice bran oils and a gorgeous scent to boot, skin is left feeling soft and looking seriously conditioned and shimmery, thanks to its subtle gold sheen. Just make sure you allow the oil to dry for ten or so minutes before attempting to dress.

Remember Me?

Two Wednesday ago I went for the interview for a job, I haven't heard anything about since, on my way there I found a Tesco store that stocked the dress I had admired.
Horror, while the dress looks nice from the distance a good attempt at a catwalk copy, it looks quite cheap close up. The fabric is thin unlined, fits terrible the waist came out from my body, and skirt was circular my arse. For straight up body types really. After the interview in Ealing, I remembered from my student days that the place to get fabric shopping was from Latimer Road. I ventured into the shops felt some luxurious velour fabrics at £15p/m, I was on the look out for fabric similar to the fabric used for the Tesco dress, I found something similar but it was out of my price range. I gave up with my ideally fabric and want wondering around Shephards Bush Market.

The devil makes work for idle hands

Every year everyone in my family say's they aren't going to go mad at Christmas, but they end up spending £30 per person which I think is mad. So I thought I would make my Christmas list early. The best thing about buying Xmas presents is the hunt for buying the items at the lowest price possible and I must admit when people buy me fancier versions of the same thing, I do get annoyed, I would rather get a box of choclate for the extra money spent. Already I have my Aunt covered Champneys gift set half price, started towards presents for my mother,Calvin Klein nail varnish shade whisper and a glaze for £6. I will not miss the days when I have to buy in installments. I am obsessed with owning a Sears catalogue, at University I would just take them out to look at the clothes, and as they aren't particular cheap, £25 on Amazon, £20 eBay, perhaps this will be a gift to myself. And who knew the Disney classics were so expensive at £17, actual you may have already known I forget that other people do still shop, other then for food.

Autum/Winter with Denisebrain

It has been a whole year since I have been on a real shopping spree, and now the weather has turned cold, I realise I have only a vintage jumper and jumper dress, I knitted skirt,cropped grey jumper(gifted) wool coat and cotton raincoat, suede boots(gifted) and a pair of jeans, thin going out dress (gifted) 2 velour dresses, 1 was a gifted. Everything else I have is at least 3 years. Normally this is when I would wear some of my vintage clothes, but I have sold the practical stuff,to keep me afloat, I should be proud for being so thifty , but you know what Im just too cold.

Monday, 27 September 2010

H & M love picks

I remember a time when H & M was considered an esclusive shop, me and my mother would travel up to London to visit the store, I would spend my hard earned or saved money buying clothes that didnt look like everything else. I thought it was good that H & M wasnt online, wasnt like all the rest, had some individuality (less likely everyone and their monkey owned it), but now it's folded to the money. These are my favourite from the store, I have already spotted the leopard print cardi 4 times today, so thats off the list.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Opposite of Sex 1956

These last two weeks I have been watching the classics, I finally watched High Society and saw Rope in full.I have been searching the Film4 listings in a bid to see this movie in full and a film called The Women. Both films are costly to own, as they are not produced for the UK and The Women can only be found in a costly boxset.
Now I have found out that the The Opposite Sex is a remake of The Women.
This film has some witty lines and great social observations and great clothes.
In fact there is a great line that Kay receives from a friend about fighting for her marriage, it goes along the lines of " marriage is meant to be a fight and if you aint got the stomach for it you shouldnt be in the business of it."

Extract from Wikipedia about the film:

It is a remake of the 1939 classic comedy The Women. Both films are based on Claire Boothe Luce's original play. The 1956 musical was directed by David Miller and stars June Allyson, Joan Collins, Dolores Gray, Ann Sheridan, Ann Miller, Leslie Nielsen, Jeff Richards, Agnes Moorehead, Charlotte Greenwood, Joan Blondell, Sam Levene, Dick Shawn, Jim Backus (psychiatrist) and Bill Goodwin.

The story concerns Kay Hilliard (played by June Allyson), a former nightclub singer who discovers her husband Steven (played by Leslie Nielsen) is having an affair with showgirl Crystal Allen (played by Joan Collins). Kay is the last to find out among her circle of gossiping girlfriends. Kay travels to Reno to divorce from Steve who then marries Crystal, but when Kay finds out that Crystal isn't true to Steve she starts fighting to win her ex-husband back.

Unlike its predecessor, the cast includes male actors to play husbands and boyfriends, whose characters were only referred to in the previous film and stage versions. This alters the structure and tone of the base storyline significantly.


The picture are not all in order but you can get a jest of the movie.


Dress of the Day

Understated elegance from Millstreetvintage

Understated elegance from Millstreetvintage


Thursday, 23 September 2010

All Quite

I would like to tell you I have been too busy, but actually I have become bored of life, and no longer feel like posting. While I have had some interviews for roles with good prospects, I have yet to be that 1 person in 10, who gets that role, and now that it is coming to the Winter month their is a good chance I will be stuck in my situation for a further 6-10 months. And the thought that I have to renew my contract at my digs, espeically as the hygiene levels have dipped, really makes me feel so low.
This unhappiness has made me think to much about my childhood and the woman I feel, didnt do enough to help or support me. The time I need really need her guidance and support she is so much further into her dream world.
I know this feelings and the situation will pass,as they always do but it seems that nothing has really change, as a child I would watch Charlie And The Chocolate, wondering when things would change for me and my Mum, but they didnt really I just grow up and was able to finally pay my own way.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

New Pattern

On my way to my assesment for a job, that turned out I was under qualified for, especially when it came to IT skills, I visited John Lewis. Half price Simplicity pattern sale, of course I choose vintage pattern rather then an easy to sew skirt pattern that was in stock. I unpatiently waited while the sales asssistant tried remember how to use the new ordering system. On the third attempt she got another collegue to help, and finally 20 minutes later I had a pattern on order.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Halloween Inspiration

I wanted to do day of the dead but as yet, I havn't found a gypsy skirt in the charity shops and need lots of fabric rose to sew onto an old top.
I then wanted to be Wolf Riding Hood, but the wolf mask I wanted on etsy was £55, i then found some fur and leather clip on ears for £13. I do have a vampire costume, so I could just hold out for some fake blood and fangs from the 99p

I also have this dress and thought what if I dressed as gothic doll, complete with doll parts fascinator.

Saying good Buy to the Bride of Frankenstein or Maybe Not?

Monday, 6 September 2010

Whos Petty?

I didn't know who Petty was so I thought I would look it up, thanks google. This wasn't the web paged I orginally found, that was pinup files, banned website in the library, but I think this site says pretty much the same thing.

Text From http://www.btinternet.com/~brmerc/petty/petty.html

Along with Alberto Vargas, George Petty is one of the best known and most respected of the pin-up artists. Petty was born in Abbeville, Louisiana in 1894 and after the family moved to Chicago Petty started working in his father's photography studio. After graduating from high school Petty travelled to Paris to study at the Académie Julian under Jean-Paul Laurens. Petty then returned to Chicago, working as a photo retoucher for a local printing company.

By the early 20's Petty was working as a freelance artist, painting calendar girls and covers for The Household magazine. It wasn't until 1926 that Petty opened his first studio in Chicago, by which time his client list had grown enormously.

George Petty is best remembered for his pin-up creation 'The Petty Girl', an American icon that lasted from 1933 to 1956. The Petty Girl was origionaly based on Petty's wife, although like Vargas and many artist's after him, Petty usually combined the best features from a variety of models. He also often shrunk the head and elongated the torso and legs to heighten the effect. The Petty Girl started life in Esquire magazine in the Autumn of 1933, however she soon spread to advertisments, calendars and film posters. Petty left Esquire in 1940, soon after they had hired Vargas, however he continued to work well into the 70's for companies like 'True' Calendars and the 'Ridgid Tool Company'. George Petty died on July 21st, 1975, in San Pedro, California.

What have you been buying now!

I could of bought my half of Autumn/Winter clothes for the price of these two, and now I have to get someone to take away the old dresser, for free or worse have to pay someone. And I may be pressed for space for at least another week, but you know what, not bothered.
You have to agree it a much refined version of art deco later in period, and came from the same home as the dining set, given away as the relative had died.

Love from Chicago

I always get excited when people go to America get me some Hersheys and Reeses, please! I like a big bag.


I havn't been to Brighton for a couple of years, so it was interesting to see if it survived the recession. Many of the shops were still there and the lanes where still intact (known for vintage jewellery)I was bewitched by a old silver cuff. And it was good to see that vintage clothing was booming I counted 4 shops with some nice things but all sized 8-10, sadly. I guess if you live in a pier town with picturesque parks, theres no need for obesity.
My favourite shop Framing Tin Tin was still there but had moved closer to the action. The shop is full of all different types of vintage magazines, stacked on top of another. I spent ages trying to find a picture, I wanted a Vargas image but felt I need to rein it in so I went for a George Petty.
Brighton is one of those rare towns where everything fits right, even the less affluent areas with the council flats look nice, which is why most people (professionals) would like to live there. I worked with a gorgeous red head with cat eye glasses, who would travel from Brighton to London, I asked her why she came this way. "Theres no work in Brighton," Brighton and Hove is such a large area, that jobs only come up when new shops come in or people retire or leave. I guess it kinda like where I used to live the majority of work is provided by the retail industry, food industry and then a tiny percentage in the public sector, not good if you have high exceptions of what you should get from life.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

I want it

Been on abit of an overspend spree. Bought a walnet mini wardrobe with dressing table £80, A George Petty Print £18.50.
This Beswick Coffe Pot is on for £30.00 a bit high, so only a couple will bid as this collectable should only commend a maximum of £38.00. I like the fact, the seller is so confident of a sale they havnt bothered to crop the picture.

Is ebay dead for the humble VINTAGE little seller?

While searching for tips of how to dye vintage clothing I came across this article

heres an extract.....

But now, eBay only give sellers on Clothes, Shoes & Accessories > Women’s Underwear Slips the choice of ‘New with Tags’, ‘New without Tags’ or ‘New with Defects’. Uh? Where’s ‘Used‘ in the drop-down menu? Nowhere. Where, for that matter, is the eminently sensible ‘Vintage:perfect’? or maybe ‘Vintage with defects’? Forget it, Mr.Seller, they won’t allow you to describe your item honestly. I get around it by inserting a line, twice, in the item description that says ‘due to new eBay rules I have to describe this item as ‘new without tags’ but of course it is not new – it is preened cherished vintage’.

Why not list in Vintage where you belong, I hear you say? I did, for a while, but sales flatlined. Like it or not, the action is elsewhere – but unfortunately that elsewhere is a place where sellers are forced to misdescribe the condition of their vintage slips, etc, just to list there. Now thats wrong. Totally wrong. Effectively, eBay have presented us with a stark choice – stay with us and misdescribe your items, or leave.


Now I have noticed on the UK site, which has always been flaky for vintage, too many business sellers, charging the same price as shops and too little individuals selling real vintage. Its been a while since Ive had a sell for vintage items, I don't list too high, and I have made a loss on everything I have bought since 2008, since I buy from America, the most expensive vintage dress I sold went for £32.00. Today I wanted to list some books about vintage fashion and what do I find? Books no longer have their own separate category, so their is no chance of a viewer being able to stumble among a gem. And quite frankly whose gonna, spend the time going all those pages on a whim?

Paris Bound

I went to Paris for a Podiatry conference in April, and I could feel it, the unrest, the uncertainty, I felt the same in Germany, a loss of...