Sunday, 20 September 2009

A vintage life

I just realised that I have no pictures of me wearing my wardrobe out and about. And since I have a habit of only wearing vintage on special occasions i.e christmas, birthdays it not surprising so this is next years New Years resolution, incorpate vintage into my daily lifes. Heres a picture from 2007 me as a bridesmaid for the my Mothers doomed wedding. The dress is now not so pristine, as I made the mistake of not removing the corsage before washing still wearble.

Vintage 50s dress from ebay.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Halloween Comes but once a year.

Last year, I want all out for a Halloween, as I was going to a london fetish club I couldn't just blend in. I saw the costume I wanted from Domination Clothing. I didn't want to do Frankenstein Bride so I want with the Witch vibe instead.

Unfortunately it looks like they are no longer trading but you can see a large copy of this image on the website

I really wanted a cool hat, I love the hat below by creepsuela but I couldn't afford the price. So I asked for a custom hat by joeireedhats $50.00, when I received I was a little disappointed, I thought the felt would be of a higher quality but, I never wore it as it looked like something I made myself. Not suitable at all, at an event where people spend hundreds of pounds on their outfit.

Creepsuela was having a sale so I was able to buy my beautiful hat for $95.00 I have received endless comments when I wore it out, and its so well made it deserves another airing. And the other hat, why I couldn't even resell it on ebay, try again this year. Unfortunately Creepsuela hasn't had any items on etsy for months, it seems the recession is killing creativity.

The base of this years Halloween costume is this Morticia costume

I cant believe how much they charging for a costume that is worth £14.99 at best, luckily for me I got mine at a warehouse sale for Angels costume, it was fill a bag for £15.

And here's the ultimate Witch!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Glue Challenge

Finally I got to use my glue gun, I purchased for my crafting.
It was a hassle, after selecting the Bostik craft gun, searching for a second hand one on ebay, buying it. Then realising just because my local craft shop sells it doesn't mean they do the refills!

Thank God for ebay, where I was able to buy the refills.
It was then a struggle to get the glue to come through, I had to use a pencil to press the glue stick into the gun so the melt glue would come through.

Look what I glued! I hope it holds. And more importantly will it make me money?

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Recomended Seller- Dress like Dita

If you love the look of vintage but not the smell of mothball then Oriental_treasures on ebay is the place for you.
They have been trading on ebay for many years, but most recently they have branched out into custom reproduction vintage styles.
They are a favourite of follow bloggers missmatildadreams or Diary of a Vintage Girl.

£67.00 includes p&p

A guilty pleasure of mine is to see the customers pictures and my don't they look swell!
This particular style is taken from a movie scene where two sailors visit a museum, it also stars Betty Gable as a girl trying to make it as a Pin up Girl, in fact I think that the title of the film.
This design above is the style that I purchased, and I received many compliments when wearing it, made from heavy jersey fabric its ultra comfortable.

see more pictures of me in this dress on my other blog

They also have celebrity inspired styles, such as Marilyn Monroe, and designer inspired such as Roland Mouret.

Dress like Dita- "cos every women has the right to."
These are images of the 2 out of 3 Dita inspired styles.

£52.64 free p&p

I am particular found of this style below, I remember when Grazia featured her first catwalk, and she was wearing this look in the pictures, I remember cutting out the article to keep. I recommend having a look and hopeful by next month I can order the gorgeous top.

£38.34 free p&p

Click the link below,to see more styles.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Recommended Seller - TopsyTurvy Design Hats

Kim Brown-Dye has surpassed herself with her new fascinators. I am particularly found of the CANDY APPLE Hat, (its in capitals, I'm basically shouting my love) why buy a costume, these fascinators are your costume.

Sexy devil horns $89.00

Candy Apple Cocktail Hat $79.00 A real apple dipped in resin, yum yum.

My professional photo, three alcohol shots later.
Me in my own TopsyTurvy leather fascinator heart hat before the booze.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Fairygothmother Sale

Its not fair! Its finally on sale, and now Im not working. I have admired this corset for like three years, I visited Fairygothmother when I received a bonus when I worked at John Lewis.
I bought a black corset to train my waist and a pink overbust corset with rhinestones which I have never worn but looked cute in the pictures.

Unique powermesh and silk girdle with steel boning for the ultimate in comfortable curves. The cinch of a corset with the flexibility of a girdle. Order 4 inches smaller than your natural waist size.

£395 reduced to £195

Click on the link below, to see other great deals, that are happening when you have to tighten the belt.

Ebay auctions

Need to feed the beast. First glance
Upcoming auctions listing Sat

Reproduction 1940s swimwear pattern

Reproduction 1940s dressing gown

Strapless layed bustier

Thursday, 10 September 2009

PVC has come a long way- Artifice Clothing

I am a magpie if its shiny and sparkles I want it. If it glistens in the light I desire it. For if one moment I am the sun, then I need it.

This is how I managed stumble upon
I usual shy away from pvc as it usually looks cheap, but this stuff looks fab. All I need is now is a job. Donations anyone?

Model: Mosh visit her blog to see what the fuss is about

Modern victorian style. This fitted top has an invisible zipper at the back for ease of wear. The shirt is at it's absolute best when worn underneath an underbust corset and matches perfectly with the our Pleated Point Corset belt. Our Price: $65.00

White PVC with black lace set Our Price: $75.00

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