Monday, 31 August 2009

Every Girl Should Own

Today I was thinking about the crazy items, I own and how much boring life would be without them.

Ugly shoes from Portobella Market

Burlesque costume from ebay America.

This jacket from Dollychops Clothing

A fabulous wig from WigFashion.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Recommended Sellers

I am a snob, plain and simple and try not to look as if I shop at the same places as everyone else. Which is why Im always shopping on Ebay and my new favourite, Etsy.

I recently purchased some handmade goodies from LoveLee Soaps.
I purchased these rich and creamy mini testers whipped ice cream body butters, which actually is okay for dark skin which tends to suffer from dryness alot. The chocolate scented is out of this world, I actually got told by a boy that I smelt delicious! Praise indeed!

I also purchased the chocolate swirl hostess soap which came in the most adorable case, I couldnt smell the chocolate but I dont have a sensitive nose, it didnt froth up and was a little dry on my skin, it better for normal skin types.

So if you are looking for original gifts, visit LoveLee Soaps

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Ladies of Colour

When I was younger these ladies were my heriones, they lived amazing lives, have colourful hair and buckets of talent.

Amy Doan (aka Shrinkle) Is a veteran of ebay, she inspired me to make and create and look more colourfully then my peers.
Unfortunately alot of the stuff, I bought from her, I sold on, big mistake, as I know realise how cool the clothes really where and individual.

Find her on
and of course her first home ebay

Xenia (aka LimeCrime) like Shrinkle started out on ebay, selling her diy clothes and cool finds. She always had the most stunning photography and gave fab makeup tutorials. Now she has her own blogazine and colourful makeup line. Checkout out the link to find out how fabulous she really is.

Find her on

Zandra Rhodes is known for her colourful prints and colourful dress. I was fortunte to get 3mths work experience at her Fashion Musueum as well as meet the lady herself, who was a vision of coour on a cold winters day in Bermondsay.
She claimed to never remove her eye makeup, but topped it up and that was the secret to her good skin and she wished she had kept more of her orginal samples.

Find her at

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