Monday, 30 November 2009

In the post

Cant wait for my other deliveries.

What to do with two unripe bananas?

I am always going on about how resourceful/inventive I am, so here's more proof I have two bananas that don't seem to want to ripen, ideally I want to make something sweet, but all the recipes require at least a slightly ripe banana, but there are lots of recipes on making banana chips.

What you need
banana unripe
seasoning to taste

I cut the banana into thin fries, very important they are thin, think very slim french fries, heat oil to heat in a wok and cooked for 5-8 mins.
The end result, was surprising they taste like potato (to do with the starch concentration) with only a hint of banana flavouring and when you add flavouring you cant taste it all. Revolutional! And healthier then potato to boot.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

My 2nd last buy

This is the credit card worthy dress from Cheap Thrills Vintage and I won it for a responsible price of £36. And a plate I actual forget I bidded on, luckily it didnt go for much, I think I will sell it on once I get it. Im so over it.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Sad Mad Life

Their nothing sadder then an epiphany that everything is a lie, and all it does is hold you back. So what have I been doing to fight the blues, shopping on credit!
I have just bought this pretty number for £30.

And look at all these lovely dresses, you can spend your money, not buying just browsing.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Yesterday, I had the shock of my life, the person I thought I was trying to form a relationship with annnounced through facebook he was seeing someone else. Obvious I am furious, because I suspect my other friend knew this (he told me they were best friends and told each other everything), but decided to side with her other friend, which shows me were I am in the pecking order of friendship. Another reason im upset is he was whooing her at the same time as me, thirdly I hate time wasters who only became friendly with you to use you, he has not contacted me since he got what he wanted twice over, creep, so I have deleted them from the facebook, removed them from my phone. TTYN peeps.
On a sad day like this I would but on a vintage dress, but I have worn everything I have, so have bought this for £22. Goodbye Beswick you wont dry my tears.

Monday, 23 November 2009

The story of The Four That dont Fit

The first is a navy blue evening dress with knife pleating hem, I dieted especially to wear it as it was a little snug and haven't worn it since. I also made the mistake of washing it not realising that the knife pleats were pressed in, and now I would have to painstakingly put them back in, 3 years on I have not. I keep it to mainly marvel of the slimness of my frame to be able to fit but its possible that it actual has shrunk.
The other dress is a 60s chiffon red dress, that I had been adoring form Dorothy Closet, when they still traded on eBay. It was original a very high price, and I picked up when it had been reduced. Its in almost perfect condition, and I keep it mainly because I will give it my future daughter for her prom.

The other dress is I couldn't resist it was from my favourite vintage shop, and I wanted it not to have been a wasted journey so bought it. I over paid its not in the best condition and petticoat was stiffened with sugar and this has crumbled, but I will lose the stone needed to fit into it in the next 6months.

I have four dresses, that don't fit
The last dress I bought from eBay again was too small 34inch bust, but it was deadstock and has the cutest horse and carriage print, I have tried to sell it twice at a starting price of £19.99 but now I going to hold onto it.

And the wardrobe that keeps on giving

I have four dresses, that don't fit

I definitely need a Job

I definitely need a job or to get back into making, but I plan to be creative this week and make a leather purse bag for my steampunk costume, and other leather accessories. Do some restoration work, on a vintage item which, basically means to me sewing bits if material onto a dress to hide tears.
I cant remember the time I last attempted to make something, I made a hat in the autumn which wasn't what I hoped for and regrettable left my overlocker at my aunts, si I cant make up any jersey tops. I have hot fingers, which is why I seem to be posting about ebay alot.

Credit Card Worthy
Iv been looking at this two piece from capriconvintage since last week, I like this two piece, the top would fit but the skirt would be too small, but its unusually, and sizing hasn't stopped me before. But just in case I'm tempted I will blog about instead, that will jinx it.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday's a Washout

Its raining heavy and not what better time to wear something nice, this is an vintage dress, I got from my favourite shop. I'm not sure of the date, its looks 30's but the seam stitch is zig zag, and the seller wasn't sure so I got it for £22, paired with the hardest working cardigan and a waist belt from Primark.

I have been sorting through my vintage stuff, as eventually I will be moving out, and storing my vintage is going to be a problem. This cute little silk bag is from a vintage shop in Nottingham, inside is a little mirror, I can only think of one occasion when I would use such a bag is on my wedding day, but since I don't believe in Marriage, that's unlikely to happen. Should it stay or should it go?

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Saturday Sharing

I thought I would share, my two picks from these twiceuponatyme unfortunately the seller only ships to USA, however I want the pink one, do you think it would be naughty of me to bid. I need to move to the USA.

Isn't this lovely, silk collar detail from fiddybee, unfortunately the shipping cost is too high for me to put in a bid and there's a reserve as well.

The ultimate party dress from vogue_vintage, another one with a high posting price, but I'm sure is worth it, if you have an occasion to wear it.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Evening Dreaming

I thought I would show these little gems, introduced to me by, and
You know me I love a reason to pretend shop.

Nicole Katherine Designs
I'm really loving this skirt and the dress is nice too but I really need a job!

Natalie Bailie
This online vintage website is a treasure trove and the blog is cool ais well she lives in my favourite town Brighton.
I'm in love with this two piece, this is credit card worthy, I've always wanted more
50's stuff , I just need to wait a week. Too late it's sold at £75.00, so upset more pizza please.

Tidy Friday

I decided to try on a few more pieces of my vintage, this was last years eBay buy, it looks early 40s, the inverted pleats look very 30s. it was listed at a higher starting price, so as a result no one bidded, apart from me, I probably paid something like £43 including postage and packaging. It has incredibley tassel detail which, won my heart, I didn't wear it at christmas, I will do this year.
Today I'm going to wear it to do the cleaning, only hoovering, mop day is tomorrow.

I was orginally gonna wear this but, Im not quite their, my arms are still fat, but by looking at photos they always were a little, so today I have used up the last of the baking supplies so everything will be back to normal.
This dress was the must expensive vintage dress I have ever bought, it came from a london shop called Cloud Cuckoo Nine, it cost £90, think I had to put it on the credit card at the time, but it sure is nice.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Didn't Want to Jinx it

This isn't the item that, I was prepared to put on the credit card, but I thought it was nice, and since its all faded, I thought it would go for a low price, but that's now unlikely, how comes vintage on eBay goes for so much in USA, but my stuff goes for peanuts? Yes its all nice stuff, I buy it from America.
I was going to stay up to bid for it, but its not worth it, so I'm going to watch the repeat of Enid on BBC Four instead.

Update it went for a ridiculous price of £68.00

I really like this dress being auctioned by linengirls, but the fake ebidder's has striked again, why else would an item go up 3 times its orginal price over a period of half an hour when theirs still two days to go?

Hooray for 50

50th post and finally, I have won something, even if I didn't expect to, I bidded half heartly. It's a 1940s evening dress with white beading I wont be wearing it as an evening dress it's too subtle. Anyway I pledged in this blog, I would wear more vintage in my daily wardrobe, so the length will be shortened to make it a day dress, and the reminder material used to do a belt and maybe a matching hair accesories. I have some sewing ability it will easy to create a fabric belt, but what about a snood?
It cost £27 and p&p was £15, but to be honest UK eBay is not a patch on the America site when it comes to vintage. Most of the vintage clothing listed on UK ebay is not vintage at all its vingate style/reproduction, the small majority is often sold through business traders, so there is little compettion so the prices are high. While prices are cheaper up north in the UK, 40s clothing tends to go for less then 50's, their are no bargain coach fares prices, so I can't make the annual visit to my favourite vintage shop. Hope customs dont screw me over with a £15.99 charge to check the item.
I have another two item I want, one Im prepared to put on the credit card to have, the other Im sure will go close to £100 and that too much, but Im not gonna post a picture might just jinx it, but rest assured they are very christmas, black, sequins and cool ruffle detail. When i get in person I will post more detailed pictures.

All the best stuff comes up at Christmas, now that I have bidded on my pale blue number, two more, dress I would like better have come up.

Dress on the left flashbackonline

Both buy it now, I like the dress on the left, but would haggle to have $10.00 of it, and its quite big. Update someone haggled to $15 less.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I'm desperate to bid for something, I didn't get the sweet little millstreet vintage dress I was after, but Ive found 5 other dresses, I like just as much, but more then likely will go for more then they are worth as it's christmas.
To get away from the need to buy something, from eBay, I baked my brownies again, which turned out great, even though I didn't follow the recipe, exactly, I reduced the amount to produce less brownies, used a different sugar, caster rather then golden caster sugar. Added more lines to my short story on vintage clothing. Its has always been a thing of my to record the circumstances of my vintage collection for the future generation. My mother has my grandfather's top hat, it was made by new bond street tailors in London, it was made to measure, during its day it would of been an expensive purchase. It also creates questions when my family settled into the UK the hat dates early then the 50s, which is when my family was left to believe was when we migrated to the UK? Also why would my Great Grandfather need such a grand hat?
Its also very hard to trace my family history, as the majority of the family are deceased, the rest went to Atlanta in the 50's, and my maternal grandmother was adopted so her true family name is unknown.

picture from -old pictures of black people group

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I am always being told how, inventive I am, if only I could make a career out of this quirky aspect of my character, i would be laughing. My inventive nature was born out of the fact, that growing up I had no cash and was an only child. So being inventive was born out of sheer frustration. When I was at primary school I sold bookmarks for 50p, I even created a catalogue so that, the kids could choose their design. At secondary school I sold paper tissue picture frames, which actually were quite well made, the one I made for my mother lasted 5 years. I also made my own Christmas and birthday cards, took out books on origami. By the age of 14 I had stopped making picture frames, selling my school dinner ticket, so that I could pocket the cash to go to the cinema with my friends. I would dye secondhand clothes to make them look newer, so that I could wear them. When I was 16 my inventiveness stopped, I had got a job so I was now earning. When I was 18 I went to Uni and the inventiveness came back, sewing cheap bits of Lycra to make bandeau tops to wear for nights out. Turning light knitted tops into bandeau tops, you twist the arms and wrap over the bust and tie at the back. Walking everywhere to save money and save having to go to the gym. Going to the market at the end of the day, do get the best deals on the fruit veg. I still do some of this inventiveness, I try to walk everywhere within reason, as I permanently have a swollen ankle. I do turn my tops into bandeau tops, when I want to look as though I have bought something new. And I still visit the bargain shelf at the supermarket, and get my veg from the market at the end of the day.


I had my other interview yesterday, and all even through it went well, by the nature of questions asked I felt they wanted the excuse to give it to someone younger or had been out of work a long time, so that they could pay a low wage. Many people would disagree with my leaving my job, but I felt while I have put up with a lot things in my life, the worst thing in the world is to work with people who dismiss you or ignore you, no amount of work will change these kind of people minds. I didn't want these women to smear my good reputation, who had hardly made an effect to welcome or talk, over the 3 months I was there. In a way it was good to leave, as my personal circumstances changed not that much later and would involve me permanently tied to a job I have always hated, through financial commitment.
However I always had the ability to turn nothing into something and at heart I am a grafter, I have no fear of the future.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Dilemma

Now that I sold my Jakob Bengel necklace at half its purchasing, ouch! Don't feel too bad for me I didn't over pay, plus I didn't really like it, their were two necklaces, usually I would buy both, but I choose the wrong one. I have 5 other bengel necklaces, which I wont ever sell as I love them, even the unfinished one, yes I bought unfinished jewellery, I am the ultimate collector.
So with my funds I was planning to buy a dress from millstreet vintage, and another dress Im watching, but now lots of Beswick has gone on sell. Clothes or rare pottery?
These are my top three choices, I wont be buying all three, just one, as I still want the millstreet vintage Dress.

I sent an email to my Uncle to think about being this for me for christmas!

This butter dish is better then the other but would I bid up to £30, probably not.

It says that this it meant to be a sugar, bowl, but mine has a lid.

My Favourite Seller- La Belle Vintage

I have only recently discovered this seller on ebay, but everything I have bidded on exceeds my budget, including the dress below. I predict that this will go for close to £100.

La Belle Vintage

Sundays Washday

This dress was too cute, to miss, the seller described it as having discoluration on the lower part, my plan was to cut it off and make it as a top, but I couldn't bear to. Then I thought I can I hide the disclouration some applique? Still havn't a clue, inside wear only.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Saturday Shopping

I needed some new underwear, since leaving the gym and being thrifty with the food shop, I have gone back to my 2007 size, I needed new bras, and where did I go, my trusty TK Maxx.
I got my Lepel bra for £4.99, now when I buy bras I must have matching underwear, I think it a bit scuzzy if you dont, it also looks silly if you have to undress in front of someone. They didnt have the matching brief, as it was the last of the stock, so I looked for something that could match, the cream pair matched perfectly and it was part of a set of two with red pair, which has cream flowers so its like mix and match for £3.99. The black satin pair is from the same brand loving moments and has cute lace back. Not bad for £10.87 minus the VAT reduction, time to toss some knickers.

Thursday, 12 November 2009


This week I feel angry, I blame hormones, and fake eBay bidders, pushing up the prices! I want to smash things, and be rude, so today I thought I should wear something nice and eat bread. I thought I would channel the Ugly Betty look, as the character is looking really fashionable, and now the actress is thinner she can pull of a puffa coat! Its probably a Marc Jacobs, but still, a puffa coat! The cardigan is from the 90s a charity shop buy from my Gran. Ten years ago my Gran went to a charity and picked up two vintage sequin cardigans, and gave them to her two youngest daughters, one was a vintage enthusiast the other a city girl. I was terribly jealous, I wanted one! So my Granny promised to buy me one if she ever found one again.
The dress was from eBay, America I got it for a good price as it didn't picture well, but was a beauty.
I wear about 20% of my wardrobe, 50% is vintage, out of that 25% of it is dressy, 10% doesn't fit. I don't wear my vintage much as I think its under appreciated by most of my friends, and I also worry about keeping it clean. The other 21% of wardrobe is stuff I like to keep nice, so I don't wear it as much, I don't buy things because they are fashionable, I don't have a fashionable shape, I like to buy things because they are classic and will last and to be honest you will never know when things will change and you have to cut back. And that 9% well its the summer wear, which could still come out if I add cardigans and 60 denier tights.
Update: I give up selling on eBay, the fees are too much, if you only sell on off, and then paypal takes it cut, and then the postage and packaging is only enough just cover that, and for some things you cant even charge for that!No wonder eBay seems to be full of it buy it now, that's the only way to recuperate your costs. Rubbish, going to Etsy.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I baked a brownie using cups, the scales have given up the ghost and they require special batteries! They came out fine, but I used the wrong dish so they took longer to cook and the chocolate bits inside melted, must try harder next time.

Brownie love

Interview Outfit
I had a interview, but hope I don't get it, that's probably a weird thing to say but its near impossible to get two part-time jobs, let along one.Update : I did not get it.
However it was a chance to see a new part of town called Barkingside, which had a fair few charity shops were I picked up a basic black wrap round dress for £2.25 and thought I should update my nail paint collection with a grey and red shade from Barry M, two for £5 from Superdrug. Update: The nail varnish is going strong, good coverage, avoid washing up.

Dress this season Primark £15, it meant to be a empire line smock style but if you are curvy, smocks make you look fat, so a belt makes it look all so chic and flattering. I love the boob area, you can show off a little coverage, without showing flesh at all.
The coat is a heavy cotton trench coat by Gap, from a Sale, 3 years on still going strong! Could do with a redye to refreshen.

Monday, 9 November 2009

My Wedding Dress

I have found my dream wedding dress, I don't even have a boyfriend, but is it wrong just to buy something just for the future? I can understand if it was a bargain price, I have been known to buy my Christmas outfit in March. Its two 2-3 sizes too small but all women lose weight for their wedding day, my mother dropped 2 sizes so that even her specially purchased wedding underwear did not fit.
I must focus, I cant let my windfall go to my head, but I have put a bid in just in case after all, if its meant to be, it will be.

Baby Its Cold Outside

Its freezing outside and its freezing inside, to have central heating!
I spent the last two days in the warmest place, my bed, and what better time to look at vintage coats. When I was 14 I was given a 50s wool coat with a 24 inch waist, I wore it everywhere and with everything, when I was 17 I gave it away, as I could know longer fit into it, what a fool I was, not that I can ever fit back into it, but it would of been nice to pass on.

This coat is adorable, I have no problem with vintage fur as it was a by product, animals were not killed purely for fur, the meat was used to, I don't agree with modern fur industry, I think it is disgusting and so wasteful. I watched a program on how beef burgers were made and how hearts were used to bulk out the meat, I didn't realise they were so well made! It was funny that people pretended to be sick when they heard their was hearts in it. The irony is they would be happy to eat a Kebab which has skin and groin in it and fat, yum, yum.
Vintage Collectibles n Clothing 4 u

I love the big collar its very modern looking.
Dollface Vintage Clothing

This coat is so chic! I may have to watch it just in case.
Essentially Chic Vintage!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

My Favourite Seller- Millstreet Vintage

I have a favourite seller, who I have never bought anything from. She always has the finest vintage clothing its like she knows my heart, you spoilt for choice if you are small but she never forgets us big girls. And one day soon I will add you to my warddrobe.

The sellers name MillStreet Vintage

The Sunday Ritual

On a Sunday I have ritual, it is a ritual created by my mother for me as a child, which I continue to perform.
It was a ritual to prepare for the following week and wash away the ill feelings from the week just gone.
The first stage was to sleep to 11am, dress by 12am.
The Second stage was to watch a day time movie no later then the 60's no earlier then the 40's.
The Third stage was to have the only home cooked meal from scratch from the week.
The last stage was dessert, usually it was apple based, eaten in front of a 9 o'clock drama, with a cup of tea.

This ritual is the one constant thing in my live that never changes, when everthing else in the world does. Do you have a ritual that keeps you safe?

Friday, 6 November 2009

Friday Wishing on Ebay

While eating my Friday treat of pizza and homemade chips, Friday is always Pizza night it must be pepporani and either by Goodfellas or Chicago Town. I started Ebay browsing, Im always looking, to find that amazing item, and now it looks like my items will sell, please for a good price! These items tend to turn up when you need to tighten the purse strings, usually I would sell something to cover the cost of the item I've just bought, but Im finding it hard to get things to sell for a decent price, I have some amazig vintage fans, large burlesque style, for the last three months these have not being selling on Ebay, last week one sold for £35.00, Im tempted to sell one but as they cost me £40, per item, and they hard to find, Im going to hold onto them.

If I had £195 I would buy this, but how would I store it?

Velvet is in this winter.

If I can only get one thing, it would be the bottom pair, but why couldnt have they been listed next week, hope no one bids.

I have always wanted a nice vintage cardigan

Wow I have some funds coming my way and would like a new outfit for christmas, hopeful this can be it.

I love this 3 piece but I would have to became a bullamic to fit in to it.

Paris Bound

I went to Paris for a Podiatry conference in April, and I could feel it, the unrest, the uncertainty, I felt the same in Germany, a loss of...