Saturday, 22 March 2014

Daniel J O'Brien aka Deadbeat Dan ( London )

I still have received no money from Daniel J O'Brien (Daniel O'b), who still being supported by his new girlfriend was able to stay in London. So him being a scam artist was rewarded, I did take it to a small claims court but as his new friends are protecting him, its unlikely they will be able to serve it to him. The worst feeling and still is was it was never real for him,as time went on I got the full story, he pretended to be single and told his new girlfriend he was saving to move out. At the same time he wanted me to pay to move to Bermondsey where she and some of his work friends lived, I was the means to get things he was to pathetic to get himself, he saw me as an easy target and over the year he slowly parted me from my money. He knew my dreams, yet he happily destroyed them, worse he wasted my time and kept in a relationship that was never going anywhere and in a job I hated all so that he could be supported. He had the audacity to bring his girlfriend to my work place to barter a £10 a week payment which at that time was my weekly food budget, yes he picked a girl who was so happy to have a boyfriend finally, that she still wanted to go with a guy you fakes a relationship for free bed and board. When I went back to Reading in Feb, I spoke to his family, who told me he had done this before, clearly not giving a damn about other people runs in his family as well. As far as I am considered ,Edwina and John O'Brien are just as complicit as him in this fraud. I was put in debt and had no room of my own for 4 months, I lost loads of weight due to being broke. Im back in the situation that I was in 2011, hardly any money, debts and isolated. If I saw him again would happy push him in front of the nearest moving vehicle or down a flight of stairs, non fussed.

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