Thursday, 19 November 2009

Hooray for 50

50th post and finally, I have won something, even if I didn't expect to, I bidded half heartly. It's a 1940s evening dress with white beading I wont be wearing it as an evening dress it's too subtle. Anyway I pledged in this blog, I would wear more vintage in my daily wardrobe, so the length will be shortened to make it a day dress, and the reminder material used to do a belt and maybe a matching hair accesories. I have some sewing ability it will easy to create a fabric belt, but what about a snood?
It cost £27 and p&p was £15, but to be honest UK eBay is not a patch on the America site when it comes to vintage. Most of the vintage clothing listed on UK ebay is not vintage at all its vingate style/reproduction, the small majority is often sold through business traders, so there is little compettion so the prices are high. While prices are cheaper up north in the UK, 40s clothing tends to go for less then 50's, their are no bargain coach fares prices, so I can't make the annual visit to my favourite vintage shop. Hope customs dont screw me over with a £15.99 charge to check the item.
I have another two item I want, one Im prepared to put on the credit card to have, the other Im sure will go close to £100 and that too much, but Im not gonna post a picture might just jinx it, but rest assured they are very christmas, black, sequins and cool ruffle detail. When i get in person I will post more detailed pictures.

All the best stuff comes up at Christmas, now that I have bidded on my pale blue number, two more, dress I would like better have come up.

Dress on the left flashbackonline

Both buy it now, I like the dress on the left, but would haggle to have $10.00 of it, and its quite big. Update someone haggled to $15 less.

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