Monday, 2 May 2011

Shopping Spree

New Trench Coat at clearance from TKMaxx. image credit
I also bought a mellow yellow cropped tie shirt with red bean print from the same brand with buttons inscribed happy on them.
I really wanted a cotton dress after trying on 1,2 & 5 I bought dress 1.
I adore dress 2 its ultra flattering for ladies with junk in there trunk, it flares out from the waist, and has netting trim underneath to make the full skirt stand out, unfortunately its man made. If you have a bust then its advisable to try on the smaller size, this brings down the neckline and makes the dress fitted at the waist.
Dress 4 wasn't in the shop but looks like it could be a hit with the bottom heavy.image credit for dresses 1-5

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