Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Weddding

I watched to see the costumes, and did you see Harry's gansta walk down the aisle?
As for Kate dress it was nice, but I can believe it is Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, if McQueen was still alive he wouldn't of made this dress. The reason he wouldnt of made it as it doesnt look individual, Kate should have her own style it shouldnt be about recreating other royals dresses. It looks like a Grace Kelly simplified knock off, the bust bit is weird as it looks like they had to give her a bust and whats with that bow on the back. Surely she didn't need to have a train that long, if the dress doesn't have an impact, how is the train going to improve that. Now im searching the internet to find a jacket, you wouldn't beleive how hard it is to buy an intermidate jacket to wear with skirts, all the trench coats are too long, you also wouldn't beleive what they asking for second hand denim jackets on ebay.

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