Friday, 26 August 2011


New Walk Museum and Gallery. For the 1st year of university I walked down the picteresque New Walk a walkway which links a part of leiceter to the town centre. I usually miss the museum and just go shopping, but I had more time in Leicester then usual. Their was also an exhibit on Picasso plates, but no pictures were allowed.

Blunts is were I would go for cheap shoes. Now serious question Are these shoes vintage inspired or old ladies?

Leicester Lanes has lots of independent boutiques and I was happy to note many of them were there during my Uni days.

I go back to Leicester mainly for this shop, it used to be a market stall inside and I didnt know about until my final year at University, just as well as I would of been broke. I go back once a year, usually for my birthday but last year I was too broke to go up there.

I scored there were lots of things in my size, I left behind this 40s dress the silky material reminded of my dressing gown. The last time I went there was only a couple of things in my size but I didnt have the budget. So I went a little crazy with the credit.

My birthday dress well worth the money.

This my christmas dress, but Im not sure about the colour but I love this bust detail.

This dress is an amazing! Its an halterneck with an amazing mid century print, I would need to lose 4inch on the bust to do it up.
Scarf for the Aunt

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  1. I love your birthday dress. Novelty prints are my favourite. Your Christmas dress is lovely too.


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