Friday, 2 March 2012

It blows

Today was a day of broken appointments. I was meant to be at the hospital today but they cancelled the day before, nightmare really as I lost a days work to be able to attend, and in these climates who can really afford to lose a days pay. On the phone the phone the lady was like "we will send you a letter for when you come again", and I was like "actual I had to book time off to be able to come how about I tell you when I can come." I think she was surprised maybe she forgot there are people who still have jobs.
The day before I had stayed in to start packing to move elsewhere, I have the money and this place doesn't work for me, it never did really it just I couldn't afford anything else. So I wanted to explore because I hardly have a Friday off. I wanted to look at some vintage so I want to Angel islington to have a look at the shops that still exist. Its slowly becoming uber fashionable and this has priced out alot of the good vintage places that used to be there. The only shops I could afford to buy stuff in was Dreamtime( when it was jewellery),Cloud Cuckoo Nine and Annie. Now er days I'm too big for Dreamtime, and short of funds to shop in Cloud Cuckoo and I have only bought one thing from Annie due to the prices. Vintage clothing shops in London is fast becoming only for the rich and famous. I noticed another relatively new vintage shopping offering lovely men's and women's clothing down Camden Passage, I cant remember the name but the shop is quite large and features men's and women's beautiful layed out. The ladies clothes were pristine and mainly sourced from LA, okay you would need £150 for a dress but this stuff locked new, I saw 50s cotton dresses in bright colours. No mends, sweat stains they were perfection.
After that fruitless look I then went to Goldhawk Road for Shepherds Bush Market I was on the look out for the lobster print fabric, which has been featured on quite a few sewing blogs in 2011, I spotted it here At £4.50 metre I didn't sweat to much. I then Dave Horatha and Co but no the Co is removed. I could of cried the once great shop filled to the brim with every kind of sensible fabric you could find, had been replaced with lots of furnishings, cushions, bedlinen and a tiny bit fabric. It was the only fabric not owned by Asians, now had change for ever. Disappointed again of the disappearance of more gems (one of a kind shops) I travelled to Alfie's Antique Market to get my lamp. I want to gaze at the window of "The Girl Cant Help it" and its gone, the owner has gone back to America and that's a really shame it had the best looking window displays and attracted people to visit it. It was too be expected high rents mean expensive items. I could never afford to spend £200 on a cotton dress but still it was a shame. The Ian Brompton shop was closed so I couldn't get my lamp.
Think its time to spread my wings to other towns for affordable vintage.


  1. I don't quite understand what you mean,trouble again to explain,especially...

  2. No trouble only disappointment its very hard to find new shops to replace the ones that have closed down.


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