Thursday, 8 March 2012


I went to the launch of Lola and Grace new store at Westfield Stratford(sister range of Swarovski). I enjoyed many tasty appetisers which included mini burgers, mini portion of scampi and chips. Earlier on I also managed to grab a £50 voucher (swap old jewellery for new) and additional 20% of my purchases so I didn't pay a thing. While the staff managed to create a great buzz, they laughed danced and gave out full size drinks of sparkling wine and orange juice while the DJ played on; I did wonder if anyone actual paid to get jewellery. Lola and Grace is an affordable range designed for teens. I'm not sure what teen would of paid £43 for the set I got for free, or the £27-£35 for plastic or fabric bracelets adorned with sparkles

Did you managed to get Marni? I managed to pass the h&m twice today to checkout the range. At 2 o'clock most of the jewellery (men's gone) had gone and 5 designs of the clothes. By 6.30pm their was diminished stock sizes but most of the range was still their including the bags. I can't say I wanted to be anything it was all designed for straight up and down girls and silk featured strongly, it looked like that type that crushed easily if you moved and sat down. It nice to know that people of Stratford are not completely a slave to fashion or maybe the eBayers were not able to visit.

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