Friday, 9 November 2012

More Horrockses and Why Ebay is over for me

I finally sold my PVC corset! Pretty upset as I had been waiting for it to be in my price range for ages (like 6 months) then I lost weight (was the idea) and now its too big. Unfortuntely I spent the revenue the next day as I discovered a Horrockses dress and you now what, its the same print as my other Horrockses so I had to buy it. Now being a seasoned buyer of vintage I now know that whenever I see a duplicate of something I should buy it. Still kicking myself for not buying that Pat Sandler knit dress with the gold bow (still hoping to get back into that)and it was a great price as well. Still waiting for my Swirl dress which I also bought, I also discovered the seller had put it on eBay. Do hope they decided to sell it to me and not the highest bidder. And today I saw my first Opera at the Royal Opera House called L'elisir d'amore and crossed on of my things to do before I am thirty list. Smiley face on! image credit SecondHandRoseWorc

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