Sunday, 6 January 2013


Boys and Girls did you get everything you wished for? Well I did apart from another ring on my finger. The flowers are a gift to my self as was the Soap and Glory products.
I got a random present from my Aunt the Barbie, unfortuntly its not a welcomed item as I have had problems with previous and current tenants who are from that country, mainly forgetting that I dont need to be kept uptil the early hours by music and telephone calls back home. So I tempted to burn it and really the costume is quite dull considering the richness of their culture.
Boots Home Diary is quite good for the lady who wishes to be more organised and hopefully richer.
A peak inside the out of print book I wanted from Waterstones.
The silver star Earrings are from Silver Scene, a gift from my Aunt who's in business with the owner. The silver hooped are from my Honey.
I also got Hollywood Costume using my Amazon vouchers which is a nice book to have but not essential if you already have the first.

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