Monday, 6 May 2013

A Trip a Week- Day trip to Bexhill

I finally made it back to Bexhill a year too late maybet it was a welcome break from the boredom of work which has slowly become a nightmare. The weather was not too good but we managed too have a good look around for vintage shops. I couldn't find the vintage shop i visited last time but Maude was still open, many of their stock was way out of my price range for someone who regularly wears vintage. We then wondered down to Bexhill Museum a quaint little museum where I found a great little book called 1950s American Fashion by Jonathan Walford,which to which discusses ready to wear and its producers. Im not sure if all these costumes were geniune. I had to take a picture of the window of this shop, it was filled with 50's shirtdresses and other garments an older lady of the 50s might wear. I really like the pink sweater in the window its so 50's and really would go with my Hastings skirt.

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