Thursday, 29 October 2015

I didn't die I just became more fabulous

When I was younger I did reimagine my life if I had been born male. You see my mum always wanted a boy and made out that the fact I was female was a great inconvenience. And as I got older it does seem they get the better end of the deal oof life in all things,they are babied alot longer, their mistakes are easily papered over but if us females make a mistake, why it's always we should have known better, and don't get me started with caring for the kids, longer after the man has left. But I don't know any guy who has slogged as much as I have and picked themselves back up and up again without running back home and financed their own second chances (now at uni). You think my mum would be proud? No, she hopes I havnt made a big mistake, other females are often our enemies. Well at least I have these Sun Slatz glasses to wear, while I battle on.

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