Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Recomended Seller- Dress like Dita

If you love the look of vintage but not the smell of mothball then Oriental_treasures on ebay is the place for you.
They have been trading on ebay for many years, but most recently they have branched out into custom reproduction vintage styles.
They are a favourite of follow bloggers missmatildadreams or Diary of a Vintage Girl.

£67.00 includes p&p

A guilty pleasure of mine is to see the customers pictures and my don't they look swell!
This particular style is taken from a movie scene where two sailors visit a museum, it also stars Betty Gable as a girl trying to make it as a Pin up Girl, in fact I think that the title of the film.
This design above is the style that I purchased, and I received many compliments when wearing it, made from heavy jersey fabric its ultra comfortable.

see more pictures of me in this dress on my other blog

They also have celebrity inspired styles, such as Marilyn Monroe, and designer inspired such as Roland Mouret.

Dress like Dita- "cos every women has the right to."
These are images of the 2 out of 3 Dita inspired styles.

£52.64 free p&p

I am particular found of this style below, I remember when Grazia featured her first catwalk, and she was wearing this look in the pictures, I remember cutting out the article to keep. I recommend having a look and hopeful by next month I can order the gorgeous top.

£38.34 free p&p

Click the link below,to see more styles.

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