Saturday, 19 September 2009

Halloween Comes but once a year.

Last year, I want all out for a Halloween, as I was going to a london fetish club I couldn't just blend in. I saw the costume I wanted from Domination Clothing. I didn't want to do Frankenstein Bride so I want with the Witch vibe instead.

Unfortunately it looks like they are no longer trading but you can see a large copy of this image on the website

I really wanted a cool hat, I love the hat below by creepsuela but I couldn't afford the price. So I asked for a custom hat by joeireedhats $50.00, when I received I was a little disappointed, I thought the felt would be of a higher quality but, I never wore it as it looked like something I made myself. Not suitable at all, at an event where people spend hundreds of pounds on their outfit.

Creepsuela was having a sale so I was able to buy my beautiful hat for $95.00 I have received endless comments when I wore it out, and its so well made it deserves another airing. And the other hat, why I couldn't even resell it on ebay, try again this year. Unfortunately Creepsuela hasn't had any items on etsy for months, it seems the recession is killing creativity.

The base of this years Halloween costume is this Morticia costume

I cant believe how much they charging for a costume that is worth £14.99 at best, luckily for me I got mine at a warehouse sale for Angels costume, it was fill a bag for £15.

And here's the ultimate Witch!

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