Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter

My Easter was a washout, I planned to visit my Uncle and Aunt as I am not too keen on spending a holiday at my new place, bleach, bleach is the word.
I also planned to see some of my London friends, and explore the capital.

Why was it a washout?
I live in a small place, don't have alot of money, so when I go out I like to do things with people, friends or strangers.
I hate people who cancel.
I hate it when plans changed loads.

And to top it of another vintage shop is closing, this one was a gem situated in Greenwich, selling furniture and cutlery at low prices. I spotted an adorable 1960s dress and had to buy it and a bought a gold broach as a birthday present for my vintage obsessed Aunt. Now is it wrong to keep it?

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