Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sorry I have been living pre Internet

I have now fully integrated myself into my new place, and it almost be described as a home, if their was Internet access. Off course I knew on my basic salary that having anything that may provide me with pleasure would have to be sacrificed. Also a further plundering of the vintage collection would be needed to be help part-time course. But I like the job which allows me to sit down, great for my old ladies ankles a result of too much walking in my youth (no free travel then) and 10 years of shop work. Gives me more experience and skills because I still dream of being a Librarian or an Information Officer. If I was a religious person this would be the point I would start praying, but I can honestly say I experienced worse at least 4 times over. Even if I was sick I still wouldn't pray, but may ask for a bible just to read. Uninformed people would say I'm lucky to have a job but I have always chosen the retail industry as people always shop no matter what, and have always avoided working for small retail companies in case they went into administration so luck doesn't come into it, just okay choices. That wont stop me using the other p word, please. Please give me 1 week more overtime so I can survive the 5 week pay months and and save for jury service. Please let me get a second job of 9hrs so I can qualify for tax credits, because it a werid world where you have to work hardly any hours or full time hours for help.
And please let me stick to the careful laid budget I rewrite everyday, no matter the temptation, which this week its a pvc corset but can it be a temptation if you accidently bid for it?

A present to myself because life is hard, and sparkles are cheap!

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