Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A day trip in leicester

When I was studying I spent 2 years missing the greatest vintage shop outside London I only knew about it the day I was about to leave, after spending alot of money on a vintage watch, which 4 years later its sister popped up on eBay at quarter of the price. The stall holder told me about the shop and its bargain prices.
So twice a year I resolved to visit it, and last Thursday I did, it had been a year since I last visited and the former market stall had been fully implanted into a 2 story shop. I wish my camera had been working so that I could of taken pictures.
Armed with half my birthday money still intact I wanted to buy something nice.
I saw some nice things, but then I started justifying the price £45 for a simple shirt dress, which in my opinion wasn't nice. I tried on an Adele Simpson grey two piece with lime lining consisting of a circular skirt and a bolero it looked almost new it was only £32, I knew I should probably buy it, I didn't own anything like it and it was wearable spring/summer attire but it didn't move me, and after traveling that distance I wanted to be moved. I rifled through the dresses some more before realising that 40s and 50s clothing was now out of my price range and I have a rule if I can find it equivalent in Topshop for less I have no business buying it. Part of the reason I started buying vintage was it was cheaper then Topshop and made me look much better.
I spotted a pink 50s full skirt dress with cap sleeves, deep v neck neckline and fitted waist, glittery pink flocking adorned the dress, matching belt no slip included in my size! Then I slipped it on and I was a shapeless mess, in the end I bought two neck ties one 50s and one 40s for £5 each, a broach with pink and clear stones and a pair of bubble rhinestone earrings were only £4 each still more then half the price of London. I knew that a shop location would mean the vintage stock would go up, but I didn't anticipate how much that price difference effected the justification, especially as I am a part earner with full time bills. It will probably be another year before I return again hopefully with a bit more then £60 in the pocket.

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