Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Have you heard about "the Secret

If you are American you have probably heard alot about the Secret by Rhonda Byrne.
Well I had only heard of this, last Friday when I was stuck on the 123 for 1 and half hour detour. I meet a young woman called Hayley who had been reading The Secret and swore it had changed her life, she was beaming with happiness and being stuck on a bus for an extra an hour and half should have made me very grumpy, but in fact I was very happy. Today I logged on to Amazon out find out about the Secret. Some say its a crock and if you want enlightingmnet and spiritacity join a religion as the book takes snipets from Religion, others say there are better books out there. Me I say I will look out for it in the Library, a book can not change my life, it can change how I see things, but a self help book cant physical give me a job interview.

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