Thursday, 13 January 2011

Asda Shopping Sweep

The Tesco version was a disaster for me, here's hopping Asda version of Miu Miu graphic print dress is a better fit.

My new job has made me quite good as pre planning for future events, one thing I don't enjoy buying is that interview outfit, I don't believe in buying a cheap suit if you cant afford a good suit is best to go with separates, at least they can be reused.
Which is why I was shopping before work, finally the fitting room was open, no more excuses
These two dresses are the same design and priced at £10, the roses on the grey dress look like they are hand painted, unfortunately the grey tone washes out dark skin tones. For £10 dress the graphic print didn't look cheap, it slightly fitted at the top, so in a plus size you don't resemble a tent, straight into the basket it went.

I had been admiring the Grey Ponte dress for a while, at £9 it didn't look cheap but I would ignore the black version. The dress is fine, the only thing you would need to make sure is that you have good contouring undergarments as its almost a every lump kind of dress and those with saddle bags step away. The black Ponte pin tuck dress is priced at £16, it was made from a thicker fabric then the £9 dress. I had high hopes and all was well until got to the waist, I had developed a shelf of fabric, not quite the look. 1 out of 3 success rate in a 5 minute shop before work, not bad.

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