Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year Joy!

Did you have a Happy New Year? Did you dance and drink champagne and dazzle in sequin and velour? I tend to avoid New Year eve, if there is no plan, I stayed at my Aunts, was educated in the terms of Brut and Pommery. I was feeling a bit fortunate when I won champagne as part of my raffle prize until I found out it was made out of left overs. The rest of my raffle prize consisted of Carmel nuts, chocolate truffles, chocolate and Christmas pudding, was not well received by the people that tried them. The Carmel nuts were described as salty, the truffles weren't nice, 8 chocolates pieces wasn't enough. And the Christmas pud made people way too familiar with the toilet.
One of my New Years pledge was to became less dead pan, so all I could think of was a comment that it was freebies sent to my work place and you can't look a gift horse in the mouth. Yes 1 day into the new year and it already sucked, just like before.

Worst Luck and More it Suck's

I missed my prize, I entered a competition via The Mysterious Life of Metropolitan Housewife blog and actual won, but because I don't have Internet access, and I was staying in places that don't have Internet I couldn't claim it in time. I have the worst luck in prize giving. Winning beauty products that you are allergic too, winning tickets to a weekend festivals, after lending money to family. My upcoming jury service has really ballsed up my job chances, as the job I really need and wanted, assessment day is during my jury service, and I already deferred due to financial hardship.
You see, I have the worst luck.
Just waiting for the "luck" to continue, rent increase and officially it will be a worst year then last year.

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