Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Itchy Fingers

I have really itchy fingers, I wanted to buy the marble plastic bag, but then I saw the postage and packaging, the white butterfly shirt dress I wanted has finally gone, was waiting one extra week til I could finally buy it. I spent the weekend trying to find a replacement.
I dream to have a dress like this

I am really partially to the teal green dress but the postage and packaging is 2/3 of the dress price. I like the colours of the spotted dress, if it had pockets it would be idle. The black eyelet dress is cute purse friendly and flexible.

I thought I would place my favourite dress along other dresses I really like but were out of my price point, I think the reason I like the dress so much is because of the styling and the shape achieved with a petticoat. Need to buy momentary sated.

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