Friday, 25 February 2011

New You- Day 1

Three weeks ago I picked up in the library The Dukan Diet, I have already heard about the book when it was first launched " the new Atkins" they screamed. I have done the Atkins and it worked for me helped me to lose the access weight and more before I stabilised at weight half between a weight lose of 2 stone. First I want to lose some of the fat, then if my job interview is successful also hit the gym for toning. I am starting the diet just as I have a vacation as the water requirements make it hard to do it while at work and a week before my night out so no drinking but diet drinks.

I am looking to lose 2 stone, acquired another stone during another stressful year. Already I changed my habits reduced the number of sweets by 3/4 (achieved no weight lose), increased my food budget ( disposable income now lower).According to my health form is £7.90 a week, so it will take 3 weeks to make the cost of a single dental treatment according to the NHS. Eat a lot of yogurt daily,for the sweet cravings. Already my workwear is looser, in time for a replacement.

First stage is Attack Phase last 1-7 days

Foods you may eat are
Fish and Seafood (tinned Tuna
Meat no skin (lean cuts, except Duck and Goose)
Yogurt (fat free, natural, fromage frais) limited on fruit yogurt
1 Oat bran gelatin (oat bran,egg, quark or natural yogurt)
Loads of water
Tea and coffee with skimmed milk
Small amount of condiments (gherkin/onion slices)

I'm guessing the cost of the first stage if I had to buy full price food items would be £15-20. So far I have spent £15 but that has been for more then a week food includes some spices and food bags.
I'm must admit it took me a while to figure out what was natural flavoured yogurt as everything is labeled low fat, bio pot and probiotic. I guessing low fat is okay, as I have been eating it regularly and achieved inches weight loss.
But Asda has been doing all the yoghurt's types I can eat at half price. Once you get over the first and 2nd stage the cost of the diet will become less.

2 Eggs
1 fat free Muller yogurt
sugar free gum

Coments: Sometimes I have a craving for eggs and beans and it tastes amazing. Egg on its own, not so much. At 11am my stomach was feeling uncomfortable too much yogurt I imagine and not enough bran.


Mackerel in a bag
Some low fat yogurt from a pot

Oat bran gelatin


Fromage frais( rediscovered that I like it and a particular flavour because it taste like apple banana pie.

A unnaturally long post, couldn't do without pictures.

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