Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Feeling blue

Today I am feeling blue, in fact very sad. At work today I have received many requests for job information from people new to the town, great more groups I have to compete with for work. I didn't get the job interview for a job I applied for last year with a different company which resulted in an interview. I did get a job interview for one of the worst paying retail jobs I have ever had, I did this job 10 years and now I am forced to try and go back. The shopping centre is already recruiting even though it not due to open till September. The job market is worse this year, there seems to be even less mobility for changing careers and the pay has dropped, I have been shocked that some retail jobs are paying more than a beginning role in the public sector (normally higher paid). Everyone in my family now seems at risk of losing their job. Jobs are going in the public sector so those made redundant are stealing jobs in the private sector forcing people to take even more lower paid jobs. It has taken 9 months just to get this first retail interview for a shop assistant, even though shop retail is considered a low status job and low paid.
It seems these last year and half are many steps back work wise.

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  1. Everyone is in a similair boot, situation wise. I would say you are lucky that you dont have a family so you dont have to scrape the barrel, even though you may be pretty close.


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