Monday, 18 July 2011

Round and Round

The christmas cardigan and the 50s book, my only niggle is that why didn't they include the designer names for the dresses, I did notice one was a Swirl and that was only because two of them were on eBay the month before. I lost out in bidding.

I went to this last Sunday, didnt bring my camera but next time I will.

Handmade cermac was being sold by Andrea as was part of artist resident inside Valentines Mansion, showcasing the work that can be done on Redbridge arts and crafts courses.

What I found in the Library, I want a Tiara!

Would you eat it? They could of bagged it better for £13, I had to taste just to make sure its wasn't plain flour (its does clean you out), hope its the real deal as it is for bed bugs.

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