Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dress of the Month & The Horror

Finally eBay UK has some decent 50s stuff! These horrockses are lovely but they are sure to sell for around the gulp £300 mark.

I have moved to my new place its 15 minutes further up the road and too it has its problems.
1) Beg bugs those black flecks on the mattress are not dirt its faeces. Of course the landlord tried to blame me suggesting I had bought them from my last place, as I am allergic to the bites that's unlikely. Don't like landlord No1
2) Last one in gets the least amount of cupboard space, have to buy more frequent because lack of space.Spending more money on food.
3) Place is a money pit, its seems the local area has a large population of gnat being bitten by them and beg bugs, equals consumption of lots of anti bites remedies and Rio Health Oil.
4) Landlord talks alot and does stuff early in the morning. Don't like landlord No2.
At the moment I am sleeping on the floor and washing my clothes every other, that place in Chadwell Heath is looking mightily nice.

Extra costs now hitting £70 excludes mattress encasement.

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