Monday, 23 April 2012

Bath- Last Day


Bath Monthly Vintage Fair
Bath Vintage Fair is a monthly occasion I was in love with this particular stall they had some great vintage men's 50s jacket. Unfortunately when I got there I saw a flyer for an even better fair that was happening on the same day! I was gutted. There was a few places for vintage in Bath, i visited Scarlet Vintage, the flea market on the Saturday but I saw very little and it was petite sizing. I was give the tip to go to Clifton for anique shops you can pick up a bus from Bristol or Frome bus from Bath can take you there, but I had run out of time.
To find out more about Baths undercover vintage fair visit

I also have bought some shirt clips and 2 tie clips but I seem to miss place them.

Sally Lunn Tea Room

The Sally Lunns Bun was too die for, I didn't eat in but a takeaway was just as nice.

I stayed at a Hostel called St Christopher Inn which was cheap and cheerful and the food wasn't bad either. Cost for 3 nights was £52.

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  1. Bottoms up stirrers, what fun!


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