Thursday, 17 May 2012


I have been looking at new places to shop for vintage clothing and recently stumbled on the blog in november Liz to went Harrogate and in April so did I. I took the coach to Leeds and then got a train to Harrogate. I only had 2.5 hours as train tickets being so expensive with 4 weeks notice. It was terrible heavy rain all day but I finally got lucite.
Montpelier Mews
My lucite bangles from Elegant Era inside Montpelier Mews. Elegant Era has some excellent hats, when I visited there were lot's of Blackamoor stratton compacts and size 6,7 shoes! There were also some clothes, a beauitful black sequin 40s dress but alas in a size 18, unfortunely alot of the dresses were size 12 or 10s and more shocking alot the girls that come in are much slimmer so the owner was looking to get more petite items in.
Joan Collins Print from Space. The shop had some amazing 90s designer pieces and frothy prom dresses as well as glasswear and furniture. I was in love with a 70s aqua blue jumper dress but it clearly looks its from the 70s and that takes a special girl.
Betty Tea Room
This cake from Betty's was divine
My Aunt gift from Elegant Era, deadstock lucite Ps if you are interested in having your own deadstock lucite compact you can find the same batch this one came from here

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