Sunday, 13 May 2012

Christian Louboutin exhibit

How did you spend your Sunday? I hot footed down to the Christian Louboutin exhibit at the Design Museum on Shad Thames. Me and my friend took the long route, you would of thought having an iPhone would mean you couldn't get lost, but my friend doesn't know how to access it and I don't have a smartphone so didn't know either. Finally we made it! Through the black curtain we went to feast our eyes on deliciousness. One tip I would suggest when visiting the exhibit is to make a be-line to the popular spots during Dita 3D dance, everybody stops in their tracks. The 3d video is every 15 minutes so you can always catch it later. Im not going to spoil it but their is plenty to look at, and plus my friend is taking her time to upload the iPhone pictures. And you can get the gest of the exhibit from this link at Dezeen blog I wore this and my brown dr martin wedge shoes, their were two types of ladies who visited those who were heels and those who prefered comfort, I mixed them both.
The other exhibit which you can see with the admission price is the Design Award, my favourite things was the Mia 3 seater electric bus, the land mine device which looked like lots of plungers attached in a ball and the light installation that looks like a light bulb and rotates very fast making a buzzing sound (may have to wait to see it). It was my first visit to the design museum and would visit again for the right exhibit.

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