Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Bad of Renting

In the UK it is the dream to be a home owner, you rent on your way up to owning property and you rent because that's all you can do. I have rented four different times, the best times has been with people who are a similair age and background to you the worst is with those with mental illness, unemployed, dodgy lanlords and then theirs a live in landlord. Living with a landlord who does not work is another story it takes a strong individual or those that are missing some kind of guardian figure to like that. To be fair he did inply that he did work and I know for sure if he had said this I would of walked away because thats too much b***s**t to have to put up with. As he doesn't work this is most definately his house, things get repaired when they are broken. I do find it very strange that you wouldn't want to CLEAN when inviting people round. I had a day off I cleaned the kitchen which is my job, yes the area is my job, he gave me a rubbish excuse that i cook the most but I also clean up straight away so not sure hows thats even valid he uses the kitchen the most as he's in the most and I dont count heating up in microwave as cooking. He was like thank you like I was doing him a favor as he was having guests and I was like no this is my day off for this week, so it's the only free time I have. Opening windows this is important when the bathroom and kitchen have no extractor fans, smells linger so much especially if the wondws mysterious are closed 1 minutes after you opened them and yes its the worst scenario ever don't do it. To top it all the walls are paper thin so you can't even trash talk him. Low wage sucks.


  1. I always take care of guidelines given in this article before giving property on rent.

  2. Thanks that made me laugh! But us tenants nick pick, and extractors are important when it tenenats who are strangers live together, who wants to into the bathroom after someone does a No 2. I like egg but I don't want my room to stink of it. Also they improve the health of the room. My place previously had no extractor in the bathroom so mildrew appeared on the walls, window and shower curtain.


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