Monday, 9 November 2015

A funny thing happened- The Deadbeat

Have you ever been at the point where life got super sweet again? Dating, holidaying, buying the things you wanted and then something from the past reappears? Will I had that, while deadbeat Dan is far away, the last girlfriend tried to make contact with me. Trying to be the good female, I did warn her and her family, I even gave her a warning that he will use it for all you can give, get you pregnant and move on to the next one. Which was exactly what happened, at first I was annoyed she wanted my forgiveness, she wanted to be told she was a poor victim, unfortunately I told her the truth, men like him can only do this to you if you allow it. I'm infertile is the old age trick a guy says to get out of using protection. It was her choice to not use protection. She was still holding onto the idea that it was love, bearing in mind he moved from me straight to her family accommodation, he wasn't kicked out and been secretly dating her for 3 months, enough time to save for a deposit. He pretended he was infertile and I even told her, for a fact that was a disgusting lie, way before she got pregnant. Of course this made me angry how dare she come and say poor me. She didn't lose her home from this, she wasn't made out of pocket and had to work near to exhaustion and she didn't lose 2 years of her life trying to change her life. She was a student, looked after by her parents with cute pictures of her baby on Facebook, gushing messages about how she always wanted to a young mum and I contrast that with a women I knew the same age as my ex, 30yr who was left holding the baby, who had to go to a shelter as her job didn't pay enough for baby and her family thought her too grown up to go home again. And I replied back, you didn't want to know and you wanted your baby you have no reason to be unhappy or to ask for my forgiveness, he only gave you what you want, you ignored your gut, ignored your friends and family you wanted the fantasy as I did too. People do bad things to us because we often let them.

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