Thursday, 19 November 2015

Think I have a problem

I have always enjoyed owning over experiencing which from my experience of the world, tends to be a working class thing, but I have yet to go on holiday to any life affirming places, so when I return from short breaks I usually lament on how much money was spent. But I have just purchased my 4th novelty print skirt, the combined cost with customs fee a trip to New York, psychological I know this is a response to going from finally an okay salary to 'im classed as impoverished'in order to study and this is 1st year, only 1 semester of 3 years, so money has never mattered so much, but yet I have more savings now, then I ever did full time working and debt free for now, so perhaps thats why I am having so much difficulty with control. n can you please get with the new program? A few of the vintage items due to hit ebay from now until 22nd November essex_lolly update... who knew it would be so hard to sale actual vintage pre 60s, I guess modern people only will buy if someone famous is wearing it, so selling my corset was fine.

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