Friday, 6 August 2010

My old town had a fashion show

The Winner: Vanessa Ofori-Boafo (Definately a Miss Selfridge Dress)

Here are my favourties not Miss Selfridge style, but certainely my style, they were later auctioned for Charity.

My favourite, too edge for Miss Selfridhe totally Topshop

I rarely post about my job, since their isn't anything I haven't seen, but contacting schools and colleges is my least favourite part, in fact who new a wording of a letter could cause so much aggro. I now know school don't like subtle, "so would like" works better then "invite". And teenage girls don't switch their phones on.

Textile and fashion students aged 16-21 had a chance to compete for a Miss Selfridge placement. A once in a lifetime opportunity, makes me all nostalgic, when I was 16 and it was hard to find a school that had textiles or fashion on the curriculum, what a difference 8 years make.

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