Monday, 30 August 2010

I heart you

I received my new dress and yuck it has blood stains on it, that wasn't advertised in the eBay listing. Earlier in the year I had read a entry from Diary of a Vintage Girl about how Fleur removed stains from her Swirl dress by using Vanish Oxi-clean, I read the small print and it said not suitable for clothing with metal zips, so I found an alternative from Sainsbury.
The water was brown afters and a small patch on the colour had faded, but that's because, I may have rubbed to much, but the worst of the staining had been removed and only two little dots remain, but as they are on the collar its okay.
I then used this powder on another if my printed cotton dress, I used a less concentration, so it brightened the fabric, but didn't remove all the stains. I then used it on my white sundress, big mistake, it removed the stains, but where the stains was the fabric was very white. I may have to invest in the Sainsbury stain remover for whites, to get the rest of the dress brilliant white.

PS Wear some gloves, the stuff seams to coat your hands invisible, same as the clothes, and multiple washes are needed. I think that's the only negative and no gloves means flaky hands for days.

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