Thursday, 5 August 2010

Splice Review

When I went to see Splice I already thought I knew what it would be like, they would create a human hybrid carnivorous creature that will kill everyone apart from the main character (Elsa) who will then kill it but not before it reproduces. I was mustly right apart from it not being a meat eater, and that twist at the end. Their was no blood or gore, the horror came from the character Elisa. Her desire to discovery new things, not caring about the risk, gets her partner and his brother killed. The creature Dren is scripted in a sympathetic light, here is a being with possible human intelligence trapped in a warped body, unable to fully express herself or be free, not able to talk but is able to use scrabble pieces to make words. The only word Dren utters is when she changes sex, to impregnate the character Elisa to complete its life cycle.
You see, mostly right!
*** Rating

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