Sunday, 1 August 2010

A Team Review

I am probably biased about this film since its been ages since I have paid full priced for a cinema ticket and did sweat a little when I had to part with nearly £20 for 2 tickets and they wonder why cinema going numbers are declining. I didn't fancy seeing inception at a whopping 2.5 hrs long, but it was sold out anyway. The tiny cinema screen was barely halful for a new release and the screen was tiny I was ready to complain already, the bollywood film had a bigger screen then this.
I vaguely remember the A Team TV series, but it had humour, this film took it self way too seriously, Jessica Biel needs to fire her agent if this is the best he/she can do for her. Her character was pointless and powerless. Also how can none of the bad guys seem unable to shoot for toffee, its pure luck they manage to shoot anyone.
Padded out half longer then needed really dragged, bad CGI at the end, bad and predictable ending. Please don't make anymore because when a cinema starts treating a new movie as if it at the end of its cinema release time, its time to give up. I wanted to see Splice but since it doesn't seem to have any famous people in it cinema is generally ignoring it.
**Rating SATC 2 still worse

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